Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 2)

As ranveer was thinking of honeymoon while grinning ishani says “Mala please bring my red saree from the cupboard i wanna wear it ” ranveer grins romantically . He goes to the cupboard and bring a western dress ( the one he bought for ishani) . It was a skirts and half shirts with stripes . Ishani says “Mala give me hurry” ranveer gave her the packet . Ishani was shocked to see and says “Malaaaaaaaa what isss thissss ?????” Ranveer was terified he hid under the sidetable . She turns . She was schocked but then she w
Saw ranveer( only pant ) from the side table. She knew that what happened . She says in a taunting manner ” Mala tum ne yeh dress diya hai toh ranveer kai liye pehnna hi pare ga ”
Ranveer wasss overjoyed . He jumps out of thr table and says ” reallllyyyyy myyy love??? ” ishani says ” Nooo it was my plan to catch you huhhhh.. ranverr uuhh..uh your mind is sooo … Urghhhhh ”
Ranveer says ” yeah baby … My mind is full of romance but only for you ? ….i have arrived from office soo wheres my meal?

Ishani says : ” Oh come with me. It is downstairs ”
Ranveer ” Nooo… The sweetest meal of the worlddd… ”
Ishani ” you are talking about cake naw… Yeah its waiting for you at the table ”
Ranveer : ” Noo… The bestestttt ever meal of every husband’s life!!!”
Ishani was confused she says” ok tell me i will make it for you ”
Ranveer holds her from her waist and says” really you will give me ??”
Ishani : yeah ranveer definately
Ranveer: ” Ahhhhh then give me a kissss … Muahhhhh ” ??
Ishani :OMG ranveerr !! Huhh
Ranveer: ok baby come on kiss me
Ishani became shy .
Ranveer : Im ur husband and love … No need to be shy … Even you can kiss me anywhere
Ishani stare him in anger
Ranveer : Ok baba…. But please kiss me naw
Ishani was about to run ranveer holds her tighlty and say ” why are you runny darling ?? ”
And he kissed her soooo hard .
When they became free ishani was shy and blushing and ran away and ranveer stood there With a naughty smile.

Next Day

Ishveer was sleeping just then the window broke and a theif entered in the house . The theif was old man . He was also a mental . Ishveer woke up
Ishani was terrified but when ranveer saw the theif he know the whole situation he asked the theif in well behaved manner
” uncle … Do You no my wife not even only spent a 1 night with me … 111111111!!!
He cries in joking manner . Ishani was angry that he was with a theif and was talking about her .
Theif says – ” ohh baby !! Reallyyy your wife is cruel !!
Ranveer ” noo pleasee advice her to stay with me consummate my marriage pleaseee uncle and cries ( jan boojh kr) uncle to ishani : ” Beta he is your husband please spent all nights with him . If u will not i will shoot ( he was aiming gun at ishani) jokingly .
Ranveer winks to ishani. Ishani was red with anger. Just then the theif immediately fled away beacuse he was mental . Ranveer says …. My baby my shonuuu sooo whats the plan AND WINKS ?? ??? ”


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