Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 18)

After weeping …

Ranveer: Ranveer lets go and Say sorry to ur love…. Make her happy … Chlo …. lets go (wiping his tears, standing )
He was going in the cubical just then he striked with sonia …. Sonia fell on the floor … Ranveer without showing much emotion and carefullness… Walked through the coridoor.. without even looking at her ???
Ranveer (in thoughts): I will throw u out of my house… Just like this sonia… Sorry not Me, Ishani will throw.. as u are dancing my innocnent ishani like puppets naw? Just wait and watch .. she will be wid me ..
Ranveer opened ishani’s room door.

He saw ishani kneeling down and weeping continuously .
Ishani (weeping (shouting) ): How ranveer ? U cant say this my ranveer… U dnt know how much i love.. i loveee u … (Keeping her head on bed ) Sorryyyyy ranveer if i hurt u… Im really sorry… Im not a goodddd wife…. Im giving hard time to my husband… I dnt deserve u ranveer… U r loving me from 18 years and im JUST MISTRUSTING U?? How can I? …. I dnt deserve u …(She said I DONT DESERVE U words with force and started to weep)
Ranveer blasted through the door… Came to ishani… And hugged her….
The Best Ever Hug of Their Life!!
Ishani was shocked but she hugged hin back and showed her emotions… Both were crying continuosly …
Song BARISH played in the background.
Ranveer : Sorry ishani… For shouting at u… And saying that shit.. abt girls infront of u (in hug) (weeping and caressing her back) i dont deserve u
Ishani (in a calm and lovely voice ) : No ranveer mistake is mine I mistrusted u… I dnt deserve u…
Both kept finger on their lips .
And they both Wiped each other tears and hugged eachother again with a smile .
Ranveer : I love u ishani! Just i cannot tell u ishani…. I can love u in public.. and in privacy.. im not afraid to show my love to people… I can never get bored of u my dear (he kissed her on cheek )
Ishani : I love u too ranveer …. I love u… I dnt say u beacause im shy.. i doesnt mean that i want u to chase me my ranveer… I always dream of u day and night… I think of u at the dawn when my day starts … And sleeps while thinking just like u are my new love… (She caressed his back)

Ishani and ranveer hugged eachother more tightly. Amd started to shed tears . They both promised eachother that They will never mistrust each other… And promised that they will not show angriness to each other and the duo sleeps in the hug without knowing it ??…..
***** IN THE MORNING*****
Ranveer wakes up…. He saw ishani in his hug. He felt worried abt her coz of the baby. He lifted her and laid her on bed and accidently slipped over her.

Ranveer : (in thoughts ) : Oh My Ishani! My love ! My wife ! My Life! My Soul! My Body ! My Heart! My Everything! Im Sorry… Im very much ashamed of my words . I will never hurt u again (Makes her hair stay behind the ear) . Coz MERI AASHIQUI SIRF TUMSE THI , HAI AUR RAHE GI … ❤❤
And suddenly ishani wakes up. Ranveer was lost in her. He doesnt saw her that she has woke up. Just then ishani finding the moment clapped near his face.
Ranveer (shocked reaction with a sigh) : Ohhh … Ah ah ah (breathing )
Ishani brust into laughter.
Ishani : Hahahaahahahahahahah OMG! Ranveer wt were u thinking ? My Man? Hahah ?
Ranveer : Shano… U spoiled my mood. First i was emotional but now … Noww…. Noww
Ishani (careless face) : Now wt?

Ranveer : Now Im in Romantic mood (winks ) ?
Ishani blushes , bows her head.
Ranveer keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her closer
Ishani : (tens voice) Ranveer wt are u doing? Chodo mujhe, leave me …
Ranveer (with a smirk): y? (Irritated face) : wht chodo mujhe , chodo mujhe… Kabhi Pakro mujhe bhi keh diya kro (romantic wink) ?
Ishani stares him in anger … But was blushing inside.
Ishani : Ranveer…
Ranveer : (with a smile) : hmm bolo
Ishani : (with a sorry face): Sorry for Tomorrow’s night and fight… Im really very sorry… Ranveer… Im only urs… No one would snatch me from u … I love u … I love you.
Ranveer : (with a cute lovely voice): Oh ishani baby! No sorry or Thankyou in Love … And Between husband and wife … Everything is allowed (winks ) I mean Everything… ??
Ishani jerks him wid a smile.
Ranveer : I love u tooooooo myyyy shanooooooo and im too sorryyyy (with a sad face)
Ishani (not understanding face): why ravo?
Ranveer : I said that There are many girls behind me… How dare me!! I not fit ..
Ishani (placing index finger on his lips) : shut up ranveer! U r only mine… Only mine…. And im Only urs … Only urs…
U desreve me and I desreve u My Ranveer…. Plzzz dont say like this..
Ranveer saw her with concern and love… LOVE WAS SPURTING FROM HIS EYES… He pulled her more closer and joined his forehead with her and gave a kiss on her cheek ?
****** IN SONIA’S BEDROOM*****
Sonia hasnt left her room yet .

SONIA : hahahahahahahahhaahhahaahah i have done such a great thing! Ah (wid an evil smile) I have created a fight between Ishveer… I hope… Ranveer has slapped her and ishani too has left him and just than ranveer had humilated her … And thrown her out of house (with a smile and happy face) ahhhh
Suddenly (she becomes tense) : But ranveer ‘s knows that I have told ishani….. At night he just want to kill me… Wht will happen now .. ?? I have done such a great mistake !!
She was roaming here and there in the room with a tense face.
***** ISHVEER’S ROOM*****
Ranveer was dressing himself and ishani was picking up things and setting the room and was ironing her clothes .
Ishani: Hmmm bolo…
Ranveer : (with a confirmed voice): SONIA is not a good girl ishani! … Yeah im sure… Plz believe me yar..
Ishani (with a wrinkle on forehead) : Really ranveer ? But how can u say that ravo? Have u seen her?

Ranveer : Yeah ishani… She is just creating misunderstandings between us… Coz she want me again in her life … (With a sigh) on day I was sitting at Tablee…. She held my hand said bad abt u and said I love u to me… I just slapped her hard …she was telling me that she will break the bond of love between us … (ISHVEER…. THE LOVE BIRDS EPISODE .. THIS SCENE WAS IN EPI #13)
Ishani (with a tense face) : Wht ranveer ? Really … But why didnt u tell me?
Ranveer : (with a Concern ) : Because ishani u r pregnant .. and i dont want u too be so stressed… It will effect ur health and our baby’s also dear.. ..
And dear.. she was also the one who caused u too slip in coridoor (Epi #15)
I just want to kill her… (With tonnes… Tonnes… Of angriness)
Ranveer came, held ishani’s hand and knelt down before her
Ranveer : Ishani promise me that u will never mistrust me… Dear…coz she is creating misunderstanding bw us … Im sure… She will be making a plan… I will also not mistrust u at any cost … Plzzz ishani for my sake?

Ishani (making ranveer stand) (holding his hand ) : Now u have told me her plan.. im very shocked ravoo… How can she?? But i trust u ranveer … My love my hubby (with a smile) I promise u … I will first withstand any Obstacle of our Life …
Ranveer : (with a smile .. love) : We will together my dear !
(With a tense face) : ishani ? But now how to throw her from our life and how to make everyone know the truth?
Ishani (with a lovely voice) : Ranveer … Im here naw? Just wait and watch … I have a plan ? (she smirked cutely)
Ranveer : Waa… My patni is just like me… So clever ! He winks to her ?

Both Shares a hug! ?


Loveeeee u allll
Keep loving
Be happy ?????????❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????❤❤❤???????

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  2. SUPERBBBBBBBBBBB EPISODE CUTIE DHI!! The patch up was amazing and I loved how the re-confessed their love for each other!! AND I am veryyyyyyy happy that now Ishveer will work together to get rid of stupid sonia…

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