Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 17)

Guyssss i wanted to tell u all something that i Havent just Talked abt ranveer’s proffession … (And i dnt know if i Had mentioned ) but Ranveer’s proffession is DOCTOR… HE IS THE SENIOR MOST DOCTOR OF MUMBAI … HE IS THE HEAD OF HEALTH DEPARTMENT….
Sonia was boiling in anger.
She said (in toughts): I will kill u …. Really Ishani … U r stealing my ranveer frommm meeeee ….
**** Ishveer scene (door open .. sonia is hiding and seeing them ) ***
Ishani : (abt to stand ) (smiling) Ranveer hurry Get ready … Im going to Iron ur………
(Ranveer makes her sit )
Ranveer : No need my dear… Take rest
Ishani (with a disturbed face) My sweeto hubby im getting bored … My routine is just Wake, Eat , sleep… Like animals (she laughed out loud)
Ranveer : My cutoo wife.. ok as u wish… But it is on ur Own behalf… If u will be tired or else … I will just kiss u ok? Sooo Think before ur action ! (He smirks )
Ishani gives a kiss on his cheek .
She becomes shy… Take ranveer clothes.. and with a blushy face (hiding it) goes to iron the Clothes.
Ranveer (on bed sitting) (in thoughts) :
Awww.. My doll… I will try my Best .. oh i mean my whole Life to keep u smiling … I love u …
He stands , smiles to himself and goes to washroom.
Sonia was just Fuming. She comes to her room and starts throwing things
Sonia : i will kill u ishani urgghhhhhhh ( smashing vase) Ccc…rrrraaaaaaccc…kkkkk
Sonia: i will throw u out of this house….. With ur That Ugly Baby…. Craaa…ccccc…kkkkkk (smashing lamp)
Sonia : Ranveer is only minee… Onlyyyyy mineee… (She was abt to Smash his jewelry boxes ) (her hand was Held by some1 )
She turns around .
Ranveer (in RV mood) : Hey… ?? Why are u doing such shit Sonia?
Sonia : me Ranve…rrr…
RV: Wht? (in a strict manner)
Sonia: Actually.. my mood is upset … If i will tell u the cause … U will be sad too
RV: Im Rv … Not an emotinal Guy… And u r not my wife… That i will keep u happy huh?
Sonia :wooo .raa…nn veeerr….
(Stopped by ranveer)
RV(with Young angry man look): Actually i dnt have time for idol persons
So Im going…
He walks towards door … Turned around ..
RV (With his index finger straight to sonia ‘s face) : And One thing more… Dont call me Ranveer… Call me Just Rv… Ok?
Sonia (bit managing Face ) nods .
Ranveer goes to office.
Sonia( in thoughts) : this is only due to Ishani… She is a Witch im My life… For only That Cheap girl … Ranveer humilated me .. Ranveer i will Get U at any cost… just wait and watch my Love!
**** At night ***
Ranveer comes home with flowers… He ws hiding them… He met wid Amba
Amba : dikraa..
Ranveer : Ji maa… Kesi hain app?
Amba : im Alright Ranveer ? Plz go and sleep u will be Tired beta
Ranveer : Hugs and say… Maa… Ur hug is the safest place for me To live in
Amba: aww mera beta
Ranveer smiles to her and goes to room… He slighly opened their Room’s door… He saw sonia crying infront of ishani ..
Ranveer was shocked .. he started to listen .
Sonia : (weeping) : Bhabhi..
And then Ranveer humilated me infront of whole office(sonia has started to work In Ranveer’s office )… He slapped me and said That U have spent a night with my Office clerk (She Fakely Shed the crocodile’s teras) and Then he slapped me three times … And thrown me out from office .. bhabiii… Im not like thise cheap girl bhabiiii … Ahaaaaannn (weeping)
Ishani : wht?? No sonia… Ranveer is not like that… Soniaa plzzz stop crying … I will talk to him..m (angry tone, to buck up Sonia) i will tell him
Ranveer comes stamping the door…
What the shit ur saying sonia???? How dare u ???
(Ranveer to ishani): Believe me ishani… She is lying …
Ishani with a confirmed face to ranveer :(calm voice) Ranveer i know u dnt like her… But that Didnt mean that u will humilate her… Ranveer u have changed… Changed vryy much …
Ranveer to sonia :I wi killl u … .. U Vamp… U ugly Hearted girl… U (started to grab Her and throwing out of room)
Ishani : (almost shouting) : Stop it Ranveer!!!! …
Ishani grabbed ranveer’s arm and makes him sit .. hugged sonia and told her to go .. for a minute plz .
Sonia stands at the door
Sonia (in thoughts) (happiness was overflowing from her face) : Ahh.. sonia… U made it ! Now ranveer u will itself leave That Innocent Ishani and Come to me…. Ahh…
*** In Room****
Ishani :(jerking him from shoulder) calm tone : Ranveerr tell me why did u humilate her? Just coz she is poor .. and she is studing on ur behalf?
Ranveer (jerked her hand)(shouting and screaming ) : Oh u ! Stop it ishani… U r believing her… Not ur husband ??? What kindda wife u r ?
Ishani (almost Crying): No ranveer … I didnt mean that… I have my right to ask something from my hubby… Actually…
Ranveer : (Huh face): Actually? Wht actually han? Now u r becoming innocent.. im not a boy that only chases u … I have many girls after me… So plzzzz …
Ishani (tears flowing): noooo ranveeeerrr…. Sorrryyyy… Sorrryyy ranveer… Why are u stretching That small talk this much my ranveer ? (Opened her hands and abt to hug him ) ranveer : (got up) : Stay here… No need to hug me
Ranveer stammped his feet… Shut the door… And stormed out of the room .
Ishani knelt down on floor and cried for hours and hours.
***** Ranveer in study room *****
After 1 hour..
Ranveer : Shit ranveer! How can u be such a bad Husband , lover or friend?
I showed my angriness to my love .. to whom im loving from 18 years.. How can I be? (He hit his punch on table)
Im born to love ishani … And im saying that i have many girls after me!! (Almost crying) … Ishani I dnt deserve u … Dnt deserve u … ! (Kneeling down): She is going to be The mother of my baby… She is having Our baby in her womb… (Weeping with Angriness on himself) ….. !!
Precap : A Cute Patch up ??❤❤
I was really a sad epi .. ?????!
My first sad epi… How was the expressions (described ) and epi ? Im improving my FF writing … Heheheeh ?
Hiii my dearrrrr janiiisssssssss
How are u alll???
What are u all doing????
I was realllyyy misssssiiing u allll… Loveeeeeee uuuuuuu ????????????????????????????????????????❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?

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  1. I really liked this episode dear! Sometimes the cutest pairs will have fights but it all works out as long as they patch up!!! But I am really not liking that Sonia and I am hoping that Ishveer will soon work together to get rid of her!! Awesome job darling!!??

  2. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    a cute welcome back dear …

  3. Hey sis how r u???? I always miss u so badly……today’s epi is sad indeed but fantastic also…….kill that sonia badly….like hit by a roadroller or shocked to death

  4. Hey how are you my dear Zainu I missed you so much?? I am always thinking that when will you update your ff I was eagerly waiting for your ff but now I am happy because you have updated it. My dear your episode was really really awesome as usual and love and fighting are common I really loved your episode its ok if your episode was with sad emotions because sad and happy movements has equal priority in life so overall the whole episode was so good and pls pls try to update regularly not regularly if not possible because you have to study also but at least take less gaps in updating ? love you my dear God bless you?


    Hey cutie pie…….seriously damm miss your ff dear……and just lovely ff yaar….I hope that Sonia not created more probs……or make ishveer more close because of this types of mistake……….and missed u a lot !!!!!

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So nice episode cutie too missed u so r u my dear?

  7. I really like this episode. So emotional

  8. Oh cutiee pie… I missed u ff soooo much… I like it way if writing…. atlast u updated…. cute fights r needed to increse their love btw them…. but I loved the epi very much… pls update next soon…

  9. Omg! I was missing ur ff I’m glad that ur back now! *-* amazing epi cutie pie xD

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