Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 14)


Sonia goes with a wicked smile….
Ravo and shano comes to their room after DINNER. Shano was feeling very sleeping. And Ranvoo was just teasing her (he was nt in the mood to disturb her… But his main point was to ROMANCE her) ravoo on the music . The song was “SANSON KO”
Ranveer started dancing and comes to ishani and gives his hand like a Charming Prince. But ishani refused coz she was Shying Like an Innocent Princess…. But Prince managed to carried her in his arms.

***Sanson ko jeene ka ishara mil gya
*** doooba mai tujh me toh kinara mil gaya ***
He comes close to kiss her hard.
She loses ranveer grip and comes down from his arm .
****Zindagi ka pata dobara mil gya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gya ***
Gamzada gamzada dil yeh tha gamzada… Bin tere binnnn tere yeh tha Gamzada***
Ranveer held her back and started to plant wet kisses. And said :
” i was looking for a reason to live. tu hi banni mere wajah. in your eyes i found my love. tujh me mili mujhe panah. oh babe…. love me make me cry … but never letme gooo… baby tere bahoon me tonight i wanna love you sooo more”

**araam de tujhe mujhe barson ka hon me jaga **
** palkon me raat liye tere waste me jaga **
Ishani says : (funny mood) Hahahahah tum konsa mere liye jage ho?? Kabhi khidmat ki? Hahahaha
Ranveer : (wid a smirk) today i will romance you nawww and he comes close to her …
*** mere har dard ki gehrai ko mehsoos krta hai tuuu***
** teri ankhon se gham tera mujhe mehsoos hone laga***
there was a sudden Ligthening Flash.
Ishani was afraid she hugged Ranveer soo tightly that they were pressed against each other. Ranveer wid a smile hugged her back. Ishani realizing came to world and said
“Ahm Ahmm… Behave laughs and she get confused.
***Mai raaz tujh se kahon hamraaz banja zara
Karni hai kuxh guftugoo Alfaaz ban ja zara **
Ranveer saw her with affection care and love … And comes close to her … He say : U r my World… My Life… I cannot Lose you … Coz widout u im Nothing”

Ishani had tears of Happiness.
** judaaa jab se hua tere bina… Khamoosh rahta hon ma… Labon pai fasla ab tu meri Awaazz ban ja zaraa***
Tu mila toh Khuda ka Sahara milll gyaaa ***
And He finally Kissed her. They were enjoying eachother for the moment .
(The song ended) ishani pushed him and jerks him and bowed her head in shyness.
Ravoo : ohoooo blushing blusing …. And he winks and saying Dinka Chika Dinka Chikaaaaa….. I got my kissss
Ishani stares at him in anger.
Ranveer comes to her baby bump and say : ” ohhh myyy baby… U r very sweetttttt i justtt loveee u … U r sweeet like ur papa ”
Ishani : i hope that ny baby … Will not be soooo Khadoos like papa (laughs)
Ranveer: Achaa bachooo…. Am i only In angry Avatar???????
Ishani: (laughs) yeah yeah yeah mr.RV … Now le mee sleep ok? (She ask with cuteness) Can I sleep?

Ranveer (sweetly closing and opening his as yes ) yes
And the Trio (along wid the baby they sleep peacefully ) ????
****** 2 months later *******
Ishani is 8th months pregnant. Prince Charming is taking great care of his Beauty Queen . But there is a black shadow… That dosnt Let them to be happy….
Sonia was doing planning to seprate ranvoo and ishu….
Ranveer was taking breakfast just then sonia comes. Ranveer doesnt wake up ishani because she was very tired.

Sonia comes and said ranveer : Do love me naw?? U dont love that shittyyy ishani naww…. (She touches her finger on his cheek) i know u will confess ur love (She holds his hand)
Ranveer jerks her anger. He is showing his angry man avatar.
He said : Ohhhhh U shitty Girl!! Sonia i thought after our Engagement breakup … U will be good…. Or else u r a nyc girl… But now i know u … What u said abt my ishani?? If u were not my czn…. l had killed u already… My ishani is my life…. She is my love, care affection my everything… Yeah… She is myy Everything!! And u r Nothing…. Understand… NOTHING!!! (Huh expression) How u thought that RV will love such a cheap girl like you??
(Showing his angry man avatar… His love for ishani … He goes to office … In anger)
Sonia (in thoughts): Ohhh soo u look more hot in anger… Keep loving her … One day i will separate u both… She grins and leaves

**** At Night****
Ranveer comes home . Ishani was waiting for him. But he was asusual late. He comes at 2:00. He thought ishani is sleeping he comes and bolts the door .
He turns …. He saw ishani and screamedddd ahhhhhh….
Ranveer : Dear?? Y u have a bat in ur hand?? Its frightening me…
Ishani (smirks): u came late… And u r asking … Y u have bat… Wait… Lemmi show u
(She runs slowly slowly after ranveer… Ranveer was terrified… Happily laughing and happy to get his sunny back….)
Ranveer : Btw Y u were waiting for me??
She stares in angry
Before she could say something Ranveer said

:I know baby…. For Romance ?? 😛
Ishani was red with anger… He grabed ravo’s neck jokingly and they acted the whole scene
Just then ravoo grabs her… And touched her back with cupboard… And stares her with love…
Just then he saw a shadow.. it was Sonia… She was standing near door… He wants to show how much he love ishani and to Angry her.
He just kissed ishani. They share a lip lock for 30 secs . (He kissed her without even asking her)
Just then he smirks seeing ishani who was blushing . He kissed her on cheek .
He said (to jealous sonia) lets make our night beautiful and smiles
Ishani bowed her head blushing.
He comes to door saw sonia ..
Who was confused and angry … And was seeing ranveer. Ranveer grins and makes a “HUH” like face . Ishani was on bed . He remain standing at door and said to ishani :R u ready My baby? He grinned and closed the door infront of Sonia’s face.
She was overloaded with tons of tons of angriness.

Sonia(in toughts): Lets see …. Lovebirds…. Huh and she goes .
…. Sorrryyyy guyzzzzz for the latteee update…. Sorryyyyyy gyzzz… Im extremely vry sorryyyyyyy…. Realllyyy i beg u… Can u all forgive me??
Im just not Giving u my love to u alll…. But dnt think That i dont love u… I love u allll…. Like anything…. Im madly in love with myyy sweets…. Sorrryyyy dearssss… I ws very busy busy busy and busy in studies…. Plzzz can u all forgive me??
Tons of tons of tons of Love for u allll

Credit to: Cutie Pie

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  1. This is an AMAZING EPISODE!! I can’t wait for next episode!! Superb job!

    1. Awww thanku sooooo muchhh for ur love… Love u Dear ????

  2. Hey my dear cutie I missed your ff a lot and don’t feel sorry because studies are more important than the ff and the episode was so sweet waiting for the next take care

    1. Awwwww yarrrrrr i missed u toooo janniiiii …. Aww thankyou… I will Update as soon as possible dear… Take care u too ????
      Love u ??

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode cutie zainu.ofcourse we will forgive u need to ask sorry.but I thought u r not well and happy to see dinka chika again.

    1. Awwwww sanoo ur comments make me emotional yar… Thankyouuuu sooooo muchhh for ur Concern , love and affection… I love u too dear ?????

  4. aww my cutie pie is back ……i thought u will never update ur episode…….but now i feel relief…….i missed u alot sis……by the way marvelous episode & pls don’t separate ISHVEER…..update regularly if u can sis

    1. Awwwww Bro!! Sorry for being late… Me too missed u alottt….?? thanku sooo much… All of ur comments made me smile bro
      ……. Yeah i said… I will not separate ishveer …. Coz my FF is “Ishveer the Love birds ” No need to take tension stop worrying bro ?

  5. Zainu how could we not forgive you yaar… last dear you’re cutie pie and no one can be in anger with cute people………love you and hope you’re back…….
    And awesome hot romance dear…….you know I don’t use words like this but today I’ve to use………loved it dear…….superb awesome……

    1. Awwwwwww OMG!! Yaarrrrrr im justt in luv wid u Deari…. U r such a Cute , sweet and golden hearted person …. Dear thankyouuuuuu soooooo muchhhhh loveee u ?????????

  6. Omg I was waiting for your ff always!! Finally u updated ? your ff is evergreen as always ur rocking man!

    1. Awwwww were u a silent reader?
      Welcm to My FF dear .. hope im Entertaining u !! Thankyou soooooooooo muchhhhh Love u soo much ??

  7. IshuRV(9th...result...kya hoga..??????)

    God…finally have updated….I was waiting for this epi…..zainu please update it regularly….no need of sorry…..and after reading this epi no one can stay angry on you…..

    1. Awwww yr i will try coz im Very much engaged in my studies…. Awwwe just love u … Keep happy and Stay blessed dear ???????

  8. aashiqui Ayana

    Superb episode yaar….loved it….I had read all ur episodes so far…..???
    I had also wrote ff….hope u read my ff….?

    1. Awwwwwww dearrr… No u r wrong… Im not an inspiration dear… U r thinking so far … Im an ordinary person … Who wants to see a smile On ur Cute face dearie…. Loveeeee uvsoooooooo muchhhhhh janiiiiii sooooo shewwweeeetttt of you ????
      Sorry dear i dont have much time…. Can u tell me the name of Ff dear ?
      I will read it surely… U r sooo seweeeetttt than ur FF mustt be Brilinat like u dear… Love u ????

  9. aashiqui Ayana

    Of course…. I forgive u… . u r an awesome writer…. One of my inspiration…. Ur words make me live the episode…. ??????

    1. Hey waiting fr ur ff! ?? I hope ur doing well

  10. aashiqui Ayana

    My ff was “i am hidden in ur heart beat..”.. Hope u read… & love u a lot…. ???

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