Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 13)

Ishani started to leave the office .. and ranveer said that i have to work. Ishani showed her back while moving … Ranveer’s jaw dropped … He just want to live her… Before he know tht what he was doing He was holding shano’s saree (palu) . Shano was shocked. He said
Ranveer wht are u doing ? Leave me its office
Ranveer with a jerk holds her hand …. Hits her back to the his office door and bolts the door and pulled the curtains.
Ishani: Ranvee…r …rr.. its office … Leave me (she pushed him)
Ranveer (smirkingly): No way shano.. i love u.. i have full right on u baby… Then what’s the prob? πŸ˜‰
Ishani stood speechless.
Ranveer started to laugh…. She was angry … Ravoo comes close to her face and holds her and said : ishani i wont touch you between ur pregnancy… Beacuse i love u … I donttt wnt to hurt u ..
Ishani was smiling with cum tears and she hugged he hugged her back.
Then she left for home.

Ranveer came home. They were having dinner .
Amba : ishani dekra.. i cant wait for my pothi please
Baa: Mee tooo ishaniii
Ranveer smiles to ishani and With face expressions said “Look”?
Ishani smiles blushing.
They came to their room .
Ravo comes to ishani and keep hand on shano stomach and said ” baby… U know? U will give me my happiness…
U will be the PAPA’s baby… Muahhh
Ranveer : And now im going to hug ur mama
Ishani blushes .
Ranvoo was about to hug ishu just then Ishani’s baby bump hit Ranveer’s stomach.
Ishani laughs
Shano: Hahahahahahah ranveer…. Our baby dont let u too hug me easliy and she laughs
Ranveer : Acha g … Ranveer ki Queen… Just wait and watch ….
Ranveer hugged her from behind and nuzzled her neck. Ishani was shivering
Ranveer kissed her on her cheek and said good night… And they went to A Comfortable Sleep ?
Jzt then it was a knock at the door. Ranveer wakes up. He saw Amba
Ranveer : Maa… App?? Do u want something … Let me help u and he smiles
Amba (smiling): No ranveer wake up ishani … I want to tell u both something ..
Ranveer (confused expression): Maa… She is sleeping as she is pergnant she wont be able to stand maa… She is very tired
Amba (awwful expression) : tk. Rannveer…. Ur czn Sonia is coming tomorrow … To whom u were engaged before Ishani’s marriage … Did u remember?
Ranveer : (shocked): yeah maa yeah… But y??
Amba : Coz she want to continue her study… she is coming with Chacha and ChChi …. Will you pay her Dues naw? Because they are poor… As we are helping them in many fields… So plz ranveer can u help her in her Dues also?
Ranveer (releived): yeah maa obviously. It is my duty towards my sister.
Amba: (lovingly): Thats like my son
Amba happily leaves and ravoo smiles and bolts the door.
And the DUO sleeps… ???

Ishu was working in kitchen. Amba comes.
Ishani (smiles): Maa… Want anything?
Amba: (lovingly): Noo dekra… Want to tell u that (she told what she told Ranveer abt Sonia )
Ishani : Wow maa thats great! She is a good girl. I will help her too
Amba : (aww) My beti… First take care of pothi then of someone
They both smile. Ravoo comes and hides behind a pillar . Ishani was walking . He pulls her behind the curtain .
Ishani: Ranveer … Chodo mujhe… Koi dekh le ga (leave me … Someone will Catch us)
Ranveer : (kissing her on forehead): No way baby… In our baby’s matter… U r forgetting me naww?? Me nhi bolta (he makes a Puppy Face Red)
Ishani (laughs): no ranveer…. First baby… Then u …
Ranveer stares in anger.
Ishani kisses him on cheeks .
Ravoo was shocked. Ishani cant face him. She was about to leave then ranveer stares her with LOVE… AND SAY : Can I kiss you , Ishani?
Ishani blushed very hard .
She nodded her head in NO.
Ranveer comes close and in a fraction kissed her .
Ishani’s eyes grew widder .
There was a knock at the door.
Ishani was confused , embarrased, and blushy . Both leaves and stares at the door.
Chacha and CHachi were there. Amba , baa, kailash,partik,sharman and all of the went to greet them
Just then A Girl appeared in the Doorway. SONIA… She was a pretty looking girl in PATYALA AND KURTA ATTIRE… With a dupata.
She greets the all of the people. And Also comes to ranveer and stares her and say: Hi !
Ranveer : Hello.. sonia
And she goes with a Wicked smile.

To be continued ?

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Credit to: Cutie Pie


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