Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 11)



The epi starts wid ishani becomes angry on ravo coz of kiss and ravoo stood there Sad And was about to cry and he was saying:
Ohooo ohoooo (crying jokingly) My wife doesnt give me a kiss…
He comes close to shano’s belly and say to his baby
Rav: Baby … U there ??? Ohooooo… Ur mama doesnt give your papa a long lasting … Sweet… Spicy…. Hot ____ (dash dash ) he said this coz he was talking to his baby ??
Ishano taps ranvoo and laughs and runs out of room
There amba says to ishani
: Beta! Today is a day…. Means u have to keep fast for Ranveer and your baby … To keep them both healthy … Wealthy … And safe (THIS FESTIVAL IS CREATED BY MYSELF … SORRY ?) … But im nt going to order u coz u r going to be a mother…. Im just telling dear ?
Ishani: No maa…. I will keep coz i love them both plzzz maaa i willl keeppppp…. Plzzzz
Amba: Beta but u canttt
Ishani : Noooo maaaaa plzzzzz
U know maa ?? I love him… I want to liveeeee with him…. I want him for the whole of my lifee… And my swettoooo baby alsooo…Plzzz maaa
Amba: Ok dearrr sweety U r a very obedient WIFE…. MOTHER…. AND BAHU …IM PROUD OF YOU … And she kisses her on forehead
She becomes happy … And all the women of house kept fast
Ranveer was in office…. He comes at 2:00

(IN THE NOON 2:00 )
Ranveer comes to room and saw ishani sleeping
He stares her lovingly affectionalety romantically … He was feeling her beauty and he was about to kiss
Ishani wakes up and sees his face like( ?) coming close to her
Ishani stops his lips forcely with hr finger and jumps out of the bed and says :
“Oyeeee u cant kiss me As im keeping fast… U cant come close to me”
Ranveer : Hahahaahahahhahahahah nice excuse
Ishani : No ravoo… Im keepng fast for u and my baby dear … Love u both
Ranveer : Really? Then wt can i do ? I want to kishhh u naww pljjj…. GOD will forgive me… Cox u never give me kiss even if u r free.. and smirks ??…
Ishani said … Leave yr ranvoo understand…. Or im going …
Ranveer comes near her ear and whispers :
Ishani if u will not kiss me naw …. Then i will Unpin ur saree….. Remove ur saree … Ahhhhhh….. Then u will be in tights and blouse … I will remove them both … Ahhhh… And…anddd
Ishani shoutsss (screams )
Shano: Put finger on his lips and say :
Dont sayyy further … And turns her face blushing …
Ravoo notices her blush and says
“Hayeeeee myyyyy jannoooooooooooo is blushingggggg”
Ishani blushed again and become red….
Ranveer leaves her and say :
” Tonight will be ours… I respect ur fast shano… I was just testing u baby… Carry on ?? ”
He winkssss herr and say MUAHHHHHH
and goes to office for Imp meeting .
Ravoo calls her after an hour and says :
R u fine naw shonu?
Ishani : yeah… Im fit and fat (laughs )
Ravoo : Awwww nawww my baby… I love ur Healthiness… U r Guppoooo…. Golluuu moluuuuu…. ??
Ishani says : hahahahahah awww …. U know ravoo Im only keeping fast for ur health .. To keep u safe and sound… Coz i loveee u alott… More than my lifee…. I can do anything FOR you …
Ranveer : Hayeee ahhhhhhh…. And i can do anything WITH you and smirks ??????
Ishani says huh … Ravoo gives a flying kiss and shanoo smiles
And they end the call


How r u alll??? Guyzzz u can call me cutie instead of zainu … Coz its actually not my (ziada nick) in house my parents say me Cutie ?? (ziada ) ??
Till then
Keep smilling
Be happy ?

Credit to: Cutie Pie

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    Good one zainu love ravoo….and shanoo…..dear I’m mad behind your ff yaar……

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    1. Thankyou janiii… They went wonderful… Now relaxeddd ???

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice cutie.I am fine dear.what about u?

    1. Me too fine shonuu… Wts up?? ?????❤❤?

  4. Great tumne abhi tak villain ka intro nahi diya..thank u sooooooooo much sister

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      How r u ? ?

    1. Thanks… ?….

  5. Very nice cutie so cute episode?

    1. Thankyouuu dearrr…. Loveee u sooooo muchhhhhhhh ??????

  6. Nice episode…cutie pie …

  7. great ff s usual bro………..u r so fantastic that even words can’t describe…….GOD bless u my dear bro

    1. Prince bro
      …… Im a girl…. Im Cutie…. Not a bro ?
      Is there any confusion ?

      1. sorry sis……from now on i’ll remember

      2. Cutie pie your ffs are superb hot and romsntic please write on a daily basis we miss this ff

  8. Oh cutie r u back.what abt ur exams sis

  9. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    oh my ur ff got a supr dupr hit yaar…i am fyn naughty dr..hw abt u dr…and hw abt xamzz dr

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