Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 10)


hiiii guyzzz…. im back…. misseddddd u a lotttttt guyzzzz…. realllyyy misssedddd u all a lott…. but now im back with my “not so good ” ff ??(hope u all like it) …. but gabbar is back now ???
ones who comment are myyyyy favsssss and lovee but ones who not comment are alsooo myyy favss and lovee …. i have no words for u all… loveee u ??????????????????????
lets come to epi … ❤❤
episode starts when amba takes ranveer out of the room … ishani stand up and talks to herself :
“this guy.. finally… degraded me a lot infront of maa (she say maa to amba) … but thankgod maa took him with her…. she laughs ”
suddenly she hears ranveer’s crying
ranveer: ouchhh maaaa …. (?)
amba : no u were disturbing my daughteerrrr (she was in funny mood)
ishani comes and say :

” maa please leave him … pleasee maaa dearrr …. plzzz i loveee him a lotttt… i canttt seee him in painnn…. please my maa u can box my ears instead of ravoo”
ranveer was staring her and amba also…
just then ambaa laughs and says:
“ahmmm ahmmm… i think beta … that i should leave the room ” and she laughs
ishani hugss ranveer tightly…. but as usual ranveer was in naughty mood … ??
when ishani was hugging him.. he surrounded her with his arms … and unpinned her saree (by opening her pin) .
shano didnt notice . {she was just in blouse and tights (that she wore under saree) }
ranveer started to draw circles on her belly …. ishani was shocked.
ishani: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (a loud scream)
ranveer said smirking : (he was making the song lets celebrate in his own wording like this)
baby… i can do anything with you

nah im not joking … i even unpin your saree

tu hoja ready

i dont want to wait anymore

i just wanna romance hard with you

he smirks in a very very veryyyy naughty mood…
ishani was really very embarrased … she jumps … took her saree … and was leaving running from there… just then
.. she slipped… and ranveer took her in her arms…. though ishani was going to be a mother… she cannt handle such running and confusion so she fainted in his arms …
ranveeerrrr shouteddddd herrrr nameeeee : ishaniiiiii im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy…. shanoooooo pleaseeee wakeeee upppp
….i loveee yoouuuu…. he startedd toooo cryyyy……….
all family comes… calls the doctor… ranvoo covers her as she she was not wearing saree…. doctor checked her
and said :
“mr.rv how did she faint? ”
ranveer was embaressed very much… he says :
nnn…oooo…. nothing …she slippped … and his eyes well up
dr says : mr.rv please take great care of your wife… and please dont let her do anything ok?
ranveer said ok doc. and thanks him and left him over gate and said bye and comes to room …..
ranveer stares lovingly at ishani…. and says :
” im thinking of that lovely day on which i made you mine.. shano… i wonder that how did i catch you?? because when i get close to u … u always jerks me … and see now u r laying here …. this is my fault dearie… but why u always run away from me? im husband and love… and i dont want to hurt you… but because of me you are in this state …. i love u shani …. and crys ??
ishani had listened everything

she wakes up and say :
ravoo actually im shy thats y but i loveee you… please dont think like that… sorryyyyy ravooo sorrryyyyy ”
ranveer : no nooo needdd to sayyy sorryyyy…. janiiii…. i justtt want your love and u have to prove it by coming close to me …. coz im ur husband… ur love… u r my life…. when i first saw u…. u changed my life in secondss…. and i just wanna say one thing :
meri aashiqui tumse hi ?????
ishani repeats the same and they share a cute long lasting tight huggy….
and then ranveer says: i will onlyyy accept ur sorry if u will kiss me…. pljjjj shanoooo and makes naughty face ????
ishani was again angry and laughs
precap: new villan’s entryyyyyy….. ??????
but i will not separate our lovebirds….. as my ff is called….
“ishveer the love birds ”
keep smiling
keep loving

Credit to: Cutie Pie

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  1. I MISSED YOUR FF SOOOOO MUCH!!! Ilove it and pls update soon!!

    1. Awwww i missed u too dear ???

  2. Hi cutie nc ma after long time

    1. Hellooo jannii how are you ?? Love u ??

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hey cutie zainu u come back? Missed u a lot.superb episode was ur exams?

    1. Missed tooo sonoo soo muchh yar ?? lovely pie ?
      Wts going on? ❤

  4. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    wow after a long time…as always u were amazing

    1. Hahahah awwww thankyou…. Widout u all im nothing dear ?❤❤❤❤????

  5. Aashiqui ayana

    Loved a lottt…fantabulous ff dr…

    1. Thankyouuu sooo muchhh sisooo??????

  6. Tk. kavippriya

    Hi guys my hearty congratulations for everyone doing a grt job by writing ff.Guys where did u all see the news that radz is in toronto.will she be back for next match of bcl.pls tell me pa

    1. Thankyou soo much dr ?????
      I donot know the news sorry … ?

  7. Welcome back ..cutiepie …we miss u a lot&& ur ff …waiting for next episodes …..

    1. Thankuuuu shonuuu palluuuu sisoooo ?????



    1. Loveee uuuu jaannniiii…. Missseddddd u alottt….. How r uu dr?? ??????????

  9. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh myy naughty cutiee….such a wndrful romanc dr…luv u dr..for gaving such a owsm stry lin…how wazz xamzz gone dr..finish very well na zainuu..

    1. Aweeee myyy shonu dhruva … Yeah my examsss went super duper jani…. Thankyoouuuuu sooooo muchhhh janniiiii loveeeeeeee uuuuuu ?????????? How r u? ??

  10. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh myy naughty zainuu….such a wndrful romanc dr…luv u dr..for gaving such a owsm stry lin…how wazz xamzz gone dr..finish very well na zainuu..

  11. Hey cutie pie welcome back I missed you a lot I am waiting for your next ff?

  12. OMG !!!! my cutie pie is back…………i missed u alot bro

    1. Hehehe thankyouuuu soooo muchhhhh
      …… U r my one and only Bro…. May allah bless u … But y bro ?? Im a girl ??

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