Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 1)

Helloo Guyzz… How are you all??
Im new here… I wanna tell you that ur FFs are just fantastic and fab …. I cannot describe them in words… And im inspired by you all so im Writing a new ff hope u all will like it ?
It is based on the love story of Tow lovebirds Ishveer
(Characters will be the same)

Ishani is in the home, working in kitchen preparing breakfast . Everybody has gone to temple for pooja except mala and ranveer was at office . Ishani was dressed in a beautiful red dress (to surprise ranveer for valentine )
They havent cossumated their marriage
Sooo ranveer was thinking of romance all the time with a naughty smile
And ishani wanna please ranveer with her dress

So ishani was setting the dinning table just then she slipped .. ishani ” ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” Mala comes ” what happened bhabi!!!??? Let me see the your waist ” ( ishani had twisted her waist) ishani ” ouchhhhhh it hurts mala dont touch !!” Mala leaves ishani in bedroom and went to bring the ointment . Just the ranveer cames from office mala immediately come to ranveer and says ” bhaiyaa…. Ishani bhabi has twisted her waist … Im going to apply the ointment (she was tensed)
Ranveer says “is she okay?????? ”
Mala says” she has twisted a little only ”

Ranveer gave a naughty smile and siad give me the ointment mala . Mala was confused . He said ” she is my wife i will take care of her ” and goes in a romantic mood to their room . Mala smiles .
Ranveer sees ishani in a state of half nude ( the sari was open and ishani was massaging her self but her hand wasnt reaching the pain point) ranveer gave a naughty smile and goes touch her back and started to apply ointment . Ishani says ” Ahhhh Mala thank God U are here . Now apply hurry up ahhhhhh ”
Ranveer thinks of consumatting their marriage and he was making plans for honey moon .


How is it?? Do u all like it guyss?

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  1. very nice off. but please make even bigger episode. please keep my request

    1. Thankyou bro … I will manage to make not only bigger biggesttt episode bro ?

  2. sorry….. it’s fanfic

  3. Hai cutie pie.ur ff was it.pls continue it and what is ur real name?

    1. Aww thankyouu dear ?❤
      My name is Zainab ?

  4. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Hii cutie pie…….your ff is soo much romantic yaar pls pls update it daily…….

    1. Ok dear thankyouuuu soooooo muchhhh ??❤❤???

  5. lovely story. ……

    1. Thankuuu dear ??

  6. Superb ur fantastic

    1. Haha thankyou u too are fab ?❤?

  7. Oh my god I am in love with u ❤ u thing so well !! superb , but pls just pay a bit attention to ur spellings !!

    1. Awww thankyouuu soooo muchhh love u tooo ??❤❤
      I wanna tell u all something that Im in 8th only thats y there is a lot of spelling mistakes sorry ?

  8. Awww thankyou soo muchhh love u tooo ?????❤
    I wanna tell u all something that im studing in 8th thats y there are spelling mistakes sorry ?

    1. Can u plz update the next episode! .??

  9. cutie pie its to romantic yarrrr.. I loved it . try to update it daily . and meera babe where is ur ff ?

  10. Too romamtic,and ur just 8th std i cant beleive ,nice pls add ishveer nokjokes

  11. Guyzz i will update tomorrow as im studing … My papers are sooo close ??????
    Sorrryyy guyzz

    1. Oh no problem ?

    2. Post the next episode..yaar! ?

  12. zainab ur ff is aws! And where is ur todays ff i wanna read it upload it fast

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