Hey guys I am back… actually I was out of station… plzz read the ff and plz do comment… I don’t think u all r liking the story as I am not getting much comment. If u r not liking then I will stop it here only. Plz let me know.

The party is going on and the trio- Ishaani, Ranveer and Hritika are seen gossiping and laughing. Suddenly someone comes from behind and puts a hand on Ishaani’s eyes.
Ishaani: I think I know this person… if I am not wrong this is the monkey man of our family… am I right???
Hritika: of course….

No… u r wrong… Miss Ishaani…. I am not the monkey man of ur family but Master Shikhar Mehra… said the person.
As he comes in front of them all of them started laughing loudly.
Ishaani: oh God Shikhar u r so late…
Shikhar: I am sorry… hey Rv… how r u???
Ishaani: u know him…
Ranveer: yes… we go to the same basketball coach for practice… how do u know him???
Ishaani: we r childhood friends…
Ranveer: oh…
Hritika: now our gang is complete… hey RV I heard that u r leaving for New York within a week…. Why???
Ranveer: dad’s business matter…
Ishaani: when will u all come back…

Just then Amba comes and cuts Ishaani in between.
Amba: never….
Ishaani [shocked]: why???
Amba: Ranveer will complete his studies there and if he feels then only he will come back… come ranveer we will be late… we have our flight tomorrow… come…
Ranveer: ok friends bye….
Hritika: bye RV…
Shikhar: bye RV…
Ranveer: bye Ishaani…
Ishaani: bye Ranveer…

Hope u liked it.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode.don’t stop it.

  2. Awsome ??. But please update it lil bit long! Live this ff!

    1. Love* ;p

  3. Update it long and daily

  4. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    hey rimjhim we love it yarrr…don’t care about comments…there are many silent readers…

  5. Hey plz don’t stop it… Loved it alot…n I love all the ffs of matsh

  6. Hey Rimjhim pls continue your story it is nice

  7. Plz don’t stop. Its very nice

  8. Superb episode! Pls dont stop it! I cant wait for your next epi!

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    hai .. i am a silent reader .. but pls dont stop it .. i love it .. pls rhim …

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