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Ishaani starts the story and Hritika looks at her while Ranveer looks away in anger.

FB shows:-
Ranveer is new in the school and comes inside the class and sees Ishaani and the rest enjoying themselves and chit chatting and leaves from there without talking to anyone. This seemed very rude to Ishaani and she thought to teach him a lesson. She along with her friends planned and put glue on Ranveer’s seat and went back to their respective seats. When the teacher entered the class and all the students stood up, Ranveer was not able to stand up due to the gum and this made the teacher feel insulted and scared of her shouting when Ranveer stood up with a jolt his trouser tore and all the students started laughing at him. After the class when all went out Ishaani came to Ranveer.
Ishaani: now u understood what it feels to be insulted…
Ranveer: when did I insult u???
Ishaani: today morning u saw me but did not even wish me in my class all wish me but u did not….
Ranveer: so u did this…
Ishaani: yes… this is my way of teaching lesson…
Ranveer: u don’t know whom I am…
Ishaani: u r RV…I heard ur name when ur friend called u…
Ranveer: that is my short name… u don’t know my real name…
Ishaani: I don’t want to know also…
Ranveer: let me inform my dad… then u will see…
Ishaani: what will u tell ur dad that u tore ur trousers in the class…. [Laugh] Ranveer: u don’t know my dad…
Ishaani: u don’t know my dad… I am his angel…
Ranveer: ok let’s see who wins…
And they part out.
FB ends.

After listening to all this Hritika starts laughing.
Ranveer: so u will also laugh… good… good… laugh… u both sisters r just the same.
And he leaves the room followed by the two girls. Downstairs the scene was getting interesting. The kids were running here and there while Ishaani was hiding underneath the staircase. Suddenly Hritika comes up.
Hritika: what r u doing here… come out…
Ishaani: mad or what…. If papa comes to know about what I did to his friend’s son he will not talk to me for a week and will not give me chocolates as well..
Hritika: so u r more tensed about ur chocolates right…
Ishaani: I am so tensed and u r making jokes… go I don’t want to talk to u…
Hritika: leave all this… come… RV is calling u…
Ishaani: why???
Hritika: come….
She then takes her away and brings her in front of Ranveer.

Ranveer: I have decided something…
Ishaani: what???
Ranveer: I will not tell my dad anything….
Ishaani: why so much mercy….
Ranveer: it’s my nature u know… but on one condition…
Ishaani: what???
Ranveer: u have to apologize to u me by holding ur ears…
Ishaani: here… right now…
Ranveer: yes… or I will tell my dad….
Ishaani: ok… ok… I am sorry [holding her ears] Ranveer smiles and holds his ears as well.
Ranveer: I am sorry too….
Ishaani: for what???
Ranveer: for irritating u…
Ishaani smiles and leaves from there while Ranveer looks on smiling…..tum hi ho tune plays.
Ranveer: why am I smiling like this… do I like her??? Oh god….
As Ranveer leaves Hritika comes and sees him going.
Hritika: he is so good at heart… how easily he forgave Ishaani for her mistake… but why am I thinking about him in this way…. Is this love???

PRECAP: not decided.

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Credit to: Rhimjhim

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