Hi friends I am starting the ff. wish me luck.

The episode starts showing the city of Mumbai. The waves are breaking on the shore. The Balaji Temple is shown. The scene then shifts to a big bungalow named ‘The Parekh Mansion’. Inside preparations are made for some party. A voice is heard calling out two girls.
Voice: Ishaani…. Disha…

A small beautiful girl is seen getting ready with the help of a lady. Another girl comes and pushes her away and takes the position in front of the mirror.
Lady: Disha… what is this? Is this the way u behave with your sister?

The girl then turns and her face is shown. She is beautiful and charming but has an expression of anger on her face. She is Disha Parekh.

Disha: Ishaani is already ready and now it’s my turn to get ready right Ishaani…
Then at last the face of our cute heroin, Ishaani, is shown. She is no less than an angel. She gives a smile and nods and then turns to the lady.
Ishaani: I’m ready thank you so much to help me get ready…now please help Disha… ma is calling me…
Saying so she runs out of the room and goes down stairs but stops before a few steps. There was standing the eldest person of the house, Hansa Govardhan Parekh. Every one call her Baa. Seeing her, Ishaani’s smile faded away.
Baa: where is Disha?
Ishaani: She is getting.
Baa: So u got ready before her.
Ishaani: Kaki got me ready earlier…
Baa: shut up…don’t put blame on someone else… u urself wanted to get ready first and attend the party from the beginning…
Before she could finish a man comes and takes Ishaani on his lap. He is Ishaani’s dad, harshad parekh.
Harshad: Ishaani… my angel… u r looking so pretty…
Ishaani [smiling]: thank u papa…
Harshad: go and play and see if Hritika has come or not…
Hritika Zaveri is Ishaani’s cousin and their fathers are also cousins. The two cousins are very deeply attached to each other. As harshad put her down Ishaani went to look for her cousin-cum-friend, Hritika. Just then someone taps on Ishaani’s back and as Ishaani turns she gets very happy.
Ishaani: Hritika di… I was waiting for u…
The two hug each other.
Hritika: Ishaani… how r u? It has been a long time we have met…
Ishaani: yes… come papa is waiting for u… where is Sanjeev uncle???
Hritika: he is coming…
The two then goes and talks with Harshad and then they go to Ishaani’s mother, Falguni.
Falguni: how r u hritika? Where is ur dad?
Hritika: he is coming….
Falguni: ok go and play with ur friends…

The party continues and everyone gets busy. But not Baa. She is waiting for her Disha. She calls Harshad to a side.
Baa: u do not have only one daughter… u remember na… Disha is also ur daughter
Harshad: I remember…maybe she is getting ready…there she comes [seeing Disha].
At last Disha comes down and hugs Baa. Baa also hugs her. This does not go unnoticed by Ishaani. She gets a little sad. As Hritika realizes the situation, she tries to cheer her up.
Hritika: I have heard that Ranveer is also coming…
Ishaani: who is Ranveer???
Hritika: Off ho… Ranveer is Kailash uncle’s son…remember…
Ishaani: oooo… I remember… he is the one who is the special guest in tonight’s party… let’s see how he looks [smiles mischievously].

PRECAP: Ranveer’s entry and Ishaani falls into a trouble .

Hope u guys liked my ff… plz do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. Nice episode ? keep it up

  2. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    nice epi but y baa hates ishani…and can u please tell me how old r ishveer in this ff☺☺☺☺

    1. Thnx… In my ff they r 7 yrs old…

  3. Vry nic story

  4. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh so nice dear . good start and i hope it will go good . and it smells interesting

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hoo..plz chang rhitzz charecter as negative..this is my kind starting waiting for ishveer’s luv portion…

  6. Nice ff….

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