Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 8

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Recap: ishani go to USA only for rv’ betterment & his happiness .
The episode Star with after one months rv comes to India. Amba welcome him with traditionally rituals like tilak ritual & all. He is very happy & gives gifts to amba , kailash , shikhar & all his relatives & friends. then he goes to meet ishani then shikhar says bhai where are you going. Rv say I am going to meet ishani. I can’t wait any more . I will get her answer today & why she is not contacted me ?.
Shikhar says that bhai she was went to USA. While you going to Europe after one weak she get scholarship from college & she went to USA.
Ranveer is restless & shockingly see to shikhar after some time rv says b…u…t .. but she says anything to you about my proposal ? Shikhar says no bhai even if she can’t talk to me properly while going to USA. Rv says but why happens to her & she can’t let me go like this way. shikhar says yes bhai I know your feelings but she went to USA .
Rv is very depressed & only thinking about her.

& finally he decide to go her home. He comes to her house & ask riya about ishani. she says I don’t no anything about her . she don’t give me her address & phone number. even I also know anything about her. after rv leave to her house riya says sorry rv ishani told methat not gives her information to anyone. Sorry .

In night ranveer comes to his house he gets fully drunk & enters into the house amba says beta you are drunk sharab he nodes yes amba says why beta you drunken this is the first time you drink a sharab. Then he says yes maa there where many things in this world to do first time. & what a coincidence na maa today I have many things to get first time. He says i….sha….. & flat on flore.( actually he is saying about ishani but he slips on flor.) Amba calls shikhar & say take him to his room. Shikhar holds him into his hands & take him to his room. Then amba comes to kailash & say you see na rv he is very much changed. I think we will try to find nice girl for him & do his marriage as soon as possible. Kailash says you are right I think ritika is the best girl for ranveer. & he also know her from childhood. But amba says first we should talk to ranveer OK. Kailash nodes yes . then amba says OK I will talk to him tomorrow.
In night at 4am rv get up & thinks about ishani. He finds her anklet in his cupboard & holds her anklet in his hand & say ohh ishani I miss you badly please come back to my life & cries very much & say. I know you’re likes me I see in you’re eyes love for me. magar tum mujhy akela kiyu chodky gai. why ? I thinks some serious reason behind that I will find out it. meantime ishani in USA also see rv’s photos & cryingly says that I miss you ranveer you are my first & last love.

In morning rv comes to shikhar & ask about that night. Shikhar says that yes bhai she is come to that party & she is very much happy & ask me about you . then I will tell her that you go to Europe for business purpose. then she get sad . & I will give your number to her . then I will go out of house for some important work then after some time I will come but she cryingly go out of house . I am try to stop her & ask her that why she was crying but she can’t answer me .

& next day she was having 102 fevers & after a weak she went to USA. I think bhai you ask same question to mom shaid she know something about it.

Precap: rv ask amba that what happens shikhar’ s birthday night.

Credit to: Mariya


  1. Mariya

    Vyshu dear please understand me dr .
    Kuch bury waqt ke baad zaror bahut acha waqt aata he.
    & in some episodes they will meet each other. OK dear . & what about your health dr

  2. Mariya

    Thanks sathya dear. Yes sathya dr I wish they feel true love for each other like this way.

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