Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 7

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Recap : ishani is trying to call rv but her mobile can’t connect to rv’s mobile.
Chirag enters in room He sees ishani & come close to her . ishani ask him who are you & why you are comes close to me. He holds her hand & say I am chirag zavery maheta. Then he comes close to her & try to kiss her & snatches her duppata . she shouts for help but the music is very Laud so any one can not hear her. She avoid him & push away & try to run but he holds her hand tightly . then suddenly amba comes there & see them. But amba can see only part that ishani was misbehaves with chirag ( but actually ishani is trying to go out of this situation but amba getting wrong thing ) & amba say what is going on this . immediately chirag moves away from ishani & says anti look at her she is doing wrong things with me. Amba says no chirag don’t say any words to me. I know this cheap types of girl. This girls wants only money from us. Ishani says no anti this man is miss behaving with me. But amba do not listen to her & say get out from my house. Ishani cries & say no no I did not do anything with him please anti believe me. ( actually guys amba know chirag very well so she don’t considere him as bad man . ) then amba says you get out from my house otherwise I will call the garde’s & through out you. She cryingly run away from there. chirag smiles & say my plan is succeed. . Actually shikhar suddenly enters in the main gate to come inside the house.( shikhar having some important work so he goes out of house ) ishani cryingly runs out of gate . shikhar see her & ask ishani why are you crying? & where are you going. But she did not gives him answer & run away from there. He try to stop her & follows her but she did not find. He comes to home the party is going on. He asks amba about it but she can’t say anything to him.& say beta today is your birthday so keep happy beta & I can’t see you in any difficult condition. ( actually amba don’t know that ishani is shikhar’s friend so she say that beta kuch nahi hoa bass tum khush raho esi tarah hamesha).
In morning shikhar comes to college .he see riya & ask where is ishani ? Yesterday why she leaves to party with crying. What happened to her? Riya says that what she is crying she can’t say anything to me. & she is having 102 fever so she can’t come to college. Shikhar says what she is having 102 fever . come on let’s go we will meet her. Then they reach to her home. Baa , harshad & falguni ( her parents) ask riya who is he? She says he is my friend & studying with me & ishani .
& he comes to meet ishani for knowing about her health. Then shikhar meets to ishani & ask about last night but she can’t answer him . he try try to know about that night but ishani don’t explains . she say I am not feeling well so please let me rest. ( actually ishani don’t say anything to anyone about that last night).
After a week a call comes to ishani from principal . principal says that ishani you have get international scholarship . & you have to go for your study in USA. Everyone is getting happy but ishani is thinking about ranveer. She thinks that I will not go to USA but she remembere that night & thinks that ranveer loves me & her mom don’t like me so I can’t do misunderstanding between them. & ita ranveer’s betterment than I will go to USA . at last she goes to USA for study.

Precap: after one month ranveer returne to India.

Sorry guys I know amba is wrong & says many painful words to ishani. I love you ishveer. But sorry for ishveer’s separation.& in some episodes they meet to each other guys so please keep watching my ff.

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    Ya dear you’re right the words are painful…….but u know what it seriously reminds me of old MATSH……..from 100 episode to 327……….

  2. i love ur ff really very nice

  3. Nice dr …. !!!

    But pls mariya unite ishveer forever i cant see their pain dr ….!!

    ishveer seperation i always cry alot….!! ???

  4. Yes dhurva you’re right dear I am also thinking about that episodes

  5. Thanks sehar

  6. oh mam pls i cant tolerate the separation anymore.pls unite them

  7. what a fantastic ff mam. ur very awesome

    1. u call this fantastic fanfiction #PRINCE……u r such an idiot

      1. hey man mind ur language………if i’m an idiot than ur a son of a b*t*h

  8. please mam unite them

  9. Ohk guys don’t fight please yaar I will unit ishveer in more episodes. Ok

  10. Ya vyshu dear I also feeling crying but till some more episodes dear please then I will reunite ishveer . OK dear

  11. I think rajveer & Prince you both are same person na.

  12. Mariya dr from my heart i told tis its awesome,i kmow amba tease ishani lot its hurt us but i know once ranvi knows abt all tis he fl for ish and meet her and he expose his love towrds herna,so i can imagine that scene so ots interestimg dr,but pls unte ishveer soon,u know dr in matsh that seperation is too long that is y we r all come tos stage(matsh end),so i know dr u unite iahveer soon waiting for that ranveer feelomgs over ishani

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode mariya dr.l know u will unite them soon.waiting for that.and pls try to update ur ff today dr.

  14. Ya sathya dear you are right. I will reunite them soon OK dear

  15. Thanks sathya & sana dear I will soon reunite them.

  16. Update the next epi…soon ?

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