Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 6

Hi friends how are you all? & very very sorry for late update. Because some guests are came to my house & there is lots of work to do so sorry guys.
Recap: chirag is doing some bad planing against ishani.

The episode start with rv, ishani , riya , & shikhar have their dinner in hotel & leave for home. Then shikhar says to ishani please tomorrow yes say to bhai ( means I love you say to rv) he don’t say this words to any girl & he is very shy but he confesses his love for you . I hope understand him.ishani smilingly say bye. They reach homes.
In night ishani is thinking about rv she become very happy & say yes yes i love you ranveer. but she realizes rv is not there. Then she say ohh I am to stupid. I can’t wait for this moment tomorrow defiantly I told to rv. Meantime rv is also thinking about ishani & say I read your eyes & face I know you defiantly tell me.

In morning at 6 am rv’s mobile is ringing he attende the call . in mobile he talk to his financial advisor he says that sir you have to come to Europe because your company is getting many loss day by day & the company’s condition is to close the company & also some mistakes in accounts. So please sir you have to argent come for Europe.( actually guys rv’s business also in Europe & they have many companies in Europe) rv says that why he informing later to him. why you have not informed me before when we have first time loss in company . He says that sorry sir I thinked that this loss is not major so we have cover it in some days. Rv Shout’s on him & says always we have to see about our loss . & not about it is minor or major. Then rv say OK right now I will come to Europe. He ready to go . he come in the hall amba & kailash ask him where are you going he explains all situation then amba say OK beta she bless him & say wish your brother shikhar today he’ s birthday. rv says yes mom I don’t forget his birthday. Then rv comes to shikhar’ s room & say HAPPY BIRTHDAY shikhar . shikhar immediately get up & say thank you bhai & where is my gift. Rv says sorry shikhar I have to go Europe urgently because some problems are in company .
In Some days I will come back to India then I will purchase many expensive gifts & chocolates for you OK. Shikhar nodes OK. Rv gives his phone number to shikhar & says this is my new number & give this number to ishani & says to her that to call me & give her answer as soon as she possible.
*Then he leave for Europe*.

In evening shikhar’s b’day party is start all guests are coming. Chirag is also come to party and he made his plan ready. but ritika is not come for party because she is little depressed. He is searching for ishani.
Ishani comes to party she is looking very cute & nice in her blue dress. She is looking for ranveer.

And shikhar comes to her & say you’re looking for whom? Ranveer. She says yes where is ranveer. Then he explains all matter & gives those phone number to her. ( ishani’s face get sad & she thinks that why I am not telled him yesterday. Ohh I am miss that moment rv). Shikhar says why riya is not come with you? Ishani says she is not feeling well so she gives gift for you . shikhar get the gift & open it. Meantime ishani is searching for empty palace ( like she avoid this so much crowd) & she comes to rv’s room. She see the photos of rv & thinks he is very cute & she try to get this photos pic in her mobile. Then she think that shikhar gives me his number so can I try to call to him or not.
She try to call him but the call is not connect because he is traveling in his flight.

Precap: chirag come close to ishani & doing misbehaves with her.

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    Mmmmm……..who will be saving Ishani is a question dear……..and ya awesome Ishani in blue really she will look cute and pretty….

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  4. Wow superb mariya dr.and pls fr soon make ishani confess her love to ranvi.pls dr .and make some ishveer moments,ur track is awesome dr keep going

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  6. Thanks you very much friends. & sana dr I am fine.

  7. Dhurva dr one saves ishani ( means she don’t have any wrong with her ) I will explain in next episode dr

  8. Thanks sathya dear but for ishveer unite there will be some episodes to pass . then tab tak please guys keep enjoying.

  9. Ya vyshu dear in some episodes Chirag’s character I will delete it .

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