Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 2

Hi friends
I am making some changes in ff as you suggest me .shikhar likes riya not ishani ok.
The episode start , rv’ s office is seen the black BMW comes in office watchman open the car door A young handsome, charming man in navy blue 3 peace suit come out of car ( this is non other than rv) he goes in office all employees stand up & say good morning sir . he also say good morning . he go to his cabin ( the cabin is very beautifully decorated & in cabins corner there was many paintings . in free time rv used to make paintings . he was very good painter.) He sat on his chair & doing his work.

ishani , riya, & shikhar their lectures are finishes & all are leaving for home . then suddenly shikhar came in front of riya & say hi my name is shikhar I am your classmate. Riya says ok & then both introduced her.
ishani & riya searching for auto but they do not get the auto then shikhar come in his car in front of riya & say can I help you to drop your home. Riya says no thanks but shikhar insiste & they both seat in car they all are chatting with each other & they become friends. He drop them to home & say bye .

In evening rv & kailash his father come home from office ( kailash & amba they both are educated & some times kailash is also going to office. kailash do all property & companies on rv’s name.) amba says you both are come why you are let? Kailash say in office there are lots of work so we are let . amba say I know lots of work your doing in office but food has more important than work . rv says maa we are very Hungary please take food on dinning table . they all are laugh maa say OK .rv says where is shikhar? Maa say he was upset & studying his room.rv says I will go & take him for dinner . maa say OK.

Precape: shikhar is upset & rv gives gift to him . as new mobile .then he become very happy & hug rv .

Credit to: Mariya


  1. sana

    Very it and u r accepting our interest.thank u so much.precap was super .we want this loving brothers.when ishveer will meet? Waiting for next.

  2. Mariya

    Thanks k.praveena .this pic is in ishveer lover Facebook page. So I am get its screen short pic . but I am not in Facebook I am just open the page & get screen short

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