Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 19


Hi friends , sorry for late update .
The episode start with ishveer had their dinner. Then rv go to drop ishani to her home. While driving rv chat with ishani but she didn’t listen him. He ask her so many things but she didn’t replay him. She is lost in rahul’s wording & thinking about ritika that she is going to marry that man that he didn’t love her. They reach to home. Rv say bye to her & hug her. She break the hug & say ranveer pls leave me alone. I am going fed up from all this things ( actually she is thinking about rahul & ritika & replay to rv ) rv in full of confusion mode . ishani leave toward home in angry mood. Rv also in angry mood & leave from there.
In the morning ishani get up & think about previous night. & also she realize that she didn’t give proper attention to rv & scolds him. So she decide to apologize to rv & talk to him.

In vaghela mansion , rv get ready for office in black suit & in full of attitude looking damm cute . he also thinks to talk to ishani . & then he watch from upstairs that ishani is coming. He loudly call her to come in his room. She nodes. ( after calling her he leave to his room) .ishani go to his room while rahul comes there. He stop her & hold her hand take her to room. Ishani try to stop him & warn him that I will be shout . he said I didn’t get a feared from any one. Then rahul said Ishani listen to my words carefully because it is better for u r friend ritika otherwise I didn’t marry her. Ishani stop there only for ritika.
Rk : I am marrying to ritika but I didn’t love her in my whole life. I only loves u . ( Rk is rahul khanna)
Ishu : pls rahul forgot me & marry to ritika. I am not made for u. I only loves rv & I didn’t even think about any one except him.
Rv is waiting for ishani in his room but she didn’t come after some time he comes to downstairs but he didn’t find ishani & he leaves to office in angry mood thinking that she leave to her house.

Rk : I didn’t forgot u ishani. I am marrying with ritika only for u & my mom & dad but I didn’t love her. & it’s just an agreement ( samjhota) for me not else.
Ishani : rahul pls understand it’s not wedding game that we play in childhood. It is big responsibility & u don’t have any right to spoil ritika ‘ s life.
Then She leave from there she thinks that I have to told rv all this matter. She comes to rv’s room . no one is there. Then she think rv is getting late so he goes to office I have to meet him.
She comes to office but the receptionist didn’t allow her to go in rv ‘s cabin.
After some times rv come out from his cabin & saw her
Rv : ishani why are u seating here? Why u didn’t come to my cabin?
Ishani : I am waiting for u from 2 hours because u r busy with some important work na.
Rv : who tell u ?
Ishani : u r receptionist .
Rv comes to receptionist & ask about that. She tells neha ma’am told me that rv sir is doing some important work & didn’t allow to any one.
Rv shouts angrily on her ?? & shouts on neha ‘s name . neha come there to hear some noise.
Rv : neha what the receptionist tell?
Receptionist tell all matter to neha.
N : rv I am just want to do not disturb u so only I told .
Rv : neha u don’t have to tell like this & even after.
N : rv but………

While ishani try to stop rv but he didn’t.
Rv : & all of u listen to me , that any one didn’t stop ishani to enter in my cabin she is More important than anything elase for me. & neha u only look at ur work don’t have to interfere in my life. I know very well what is important & unimportant for’s better for u.
& all of u understand I think u better understand.? ( while this dialogues rv in full of attitude & looking damm cute)
Rv : come ishani .
They leave towards cabin. & neha gets very angry & said I have to do something soon. Otherwise rv is totally going in ishani’s hand. & she seats on his head ( like mohawara sar par chard kar baith jana).
They come to cabin rv make her seat comfortably & ask I have to talk to u. Ishani also says me to have some important talk to u. U said first , he said u first , she said u first, rv says OK I said first
Rv : if u have any problem & u hiding something with me ? U r looking very tensed what happen to u ?
Ishani : ya ranveer I am very tensed about ritika’s marriage .
Rv : why ?
Ishani : rahul pro…….
Rv : what ? Say clearly
Ishani : rahul pro…posed me. & he didn’t love ritika .
Rv : whatttt?
Ishani : ya he is marrying with ritika but he said it just a deal ( samjhota) not else.
Rv : I didn’t live him.
Ishani : no ranveer pls don’t do anything wrong.( she hold his hand & try to stop him ) but rv leave her hand & said I will kill him ??. He try to leave but ishani hold his hand aging & said ranveer it’s not time to take revenge we have to think about ritika ‘ s life. & pls don’t do anything wrong that I have to loos u ( means don’t kill him otherwise u will have to go in jail). She makes him calm dawn give water to him . & said I love u Rv from core of my heart u are my whole world without u I am nothing. ( she hold his face & hug him tightly) . rv wiped her tears & said I don’t see u with a single drop of tear. Don’t worry I am here na we will solve this problem together . & my princess is more strong than me na . he also get teary eyes & say look am also crying. U are strong than me . they both smile & hug each other passionately.
Then ishani said leave it ranveer only we have to think about ritika ‘s life.
Rv says we have to stop the marriage . ishani said no ranveer its not right first we have to talk to ritika then only we comes to some decision.

Precap : shikhar is very happy for his wedding but ritika is depressed.

Sorry for same precap… & thank u soooo muchhhh friends for trusting me & encouraging me . luv u so much.

Credit to: Mariya

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  1. I am speechless such a awesome episode I loved it you are awesome writer just keep rocking like this next time onwards I will not comment in your ff because daily you will make us speechless so why to comment you rock every time

    1. Thank you so much tanvee dear.

  2. Woww…. Awsome ff! Love reading ur ff! ❤❤❤❤ Keep rocking

    1. Thank you so much ankita dear.

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode mariya dii.hope all the problems will be solved soon.waiting for next.

    1. Thank you so much sana dear. Ya all will be fine soon.

  4. Amazing episode Mariya di!! You are a fantastic wirter and I am happy that Ishani told Ranveer her problem! I cant wait for next epi!

    1. Thank you so much reena dear. U are in which class.

      1. I am going to be in 10th standard in September

      2. OK dear

  5. Wow… Mariya dear… It’s awsm…. I love the way u lead the storyline….. Keep rocking like always… And update soon….

    1. Thank you so much julina dear. Ya I have to try to update it fast dear.

  6. awesome epi

    1. Thank you so much madhumitha dear.

  7. Woah Maruiya sissy just lovely episdoe …..I hope in real also our ishveer should clear their misunderstanding but they don’t……but surely in your ff they really understanding each other…..loved the way Ranveer angry but still care for ishu……. and most superb part of Ranveer scolding Neha…..for ishu hope this might happen in real life too……

    1. Oppsy my typing mistake……sorry I typed your spelling wrong sissy….hope u forgive me….

      1. Its OK dear & thank you so much dhurva dar. Ya dear most important part is rv scolds neha na . I am also like it. & hope also shadika reunite in there life .

  8. Hey dear Mariya the episode was fabulous you are doing a fantastic job just keep it up

    1. Thank you so much Neelam dear.

  9. Hi Mariya dear.Iam silent reader of ur ff.I like ur ff very much & today epi also very very nice.

    1. Thank you so much shalini for commenting.

  10. Ohh sweety finally ish told all things to ranvee.too good dr.superbbb epi keep rocking dr.i loveeee uuuu

  11. Thank you so much dii . me too love u sooooooo muchhhhhh

  12. Awesome episode waiting for next.

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