Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 18


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The episode start with ishveer sleep on floor & watching stars ??. ishani said look ranveer the star is broken u have to wish one thing. She close her eyes & wish the thing. Rv also do same . but he says I didn’t believe in all that things. But only for u I wish that I get my love in my life & after that. Ishani said ya me too wish the same thing. Then suddenly lighting comes on the sky ( thunder⚡⚡) then ishani get fear & hug him. Rv place his hand no her head & hold her with his arm & say don’t worry my sweet little girl ishu.
Baa & falguni calls ishani .ishani get up & leave from there then rv hold her hand & say u are going with leave me alone. She says no ranveer wait I will be come in 5 minutes OK. He nodes.
She leave from there & comes to corridor ( no one is in corridor) . rahul hold ishani ‘s hand & take her to one room. Ishani ask what are u doing. He seat on his knee & said I love u ishani. I know I am marrying with ritika but if u say I did not marry with her. Ishani I treat u as my Princess I will full fill all u r wishes & need everything u want in u r life pls ishani accept me. Ishani is very shocked & freeze to listen him. & said no rahul I didn’t love u. Rahul ask but why r u reject me. I am good looking , one of the best businessman & reachest. If u want I should improve my self . then I do all things u like. Ishani says no rahul I didn’t love u I only loves ranveer more than my self. To here this rahul get shocked. & say I am better than rv & reach also. & I do anything for u as u wish & treat u as my Queen. & give more happiness & money more than rv.

Guys location change camera shift to terrace ranveer is waiting for ishani. From back side of rv the girl comes & close his eyes & ask him to find who am I ? Rv touch her hands ( but he did not feel that she is ishani ) so he is confused & did not find her. He opens his eyes he see neha ‘s face. & said u ( in shockingly) Neha say ya I am . why are u shocking ? U r waiting for any one else. Rv change the topic & said ohh I am sorry I didn’t invite u for my bro’s marriage & all functions. Neha says don’t tell sorry & thank u in friendship. U don’t have to worry I didn’t come without invitation card . but kailash uncle invites me & dad ( means family). Rv says OK. Then

Neha : Rv see the stars they look like diamonds na.
Rv : what neha ! u are business women & only thinks about all this things diamonds & money. He laugh .
Neha : she gives angry look & said then say na rv that stars look like whom?
Rv : I am just joking & kidding u don’t take it serious . & u ask question na that answer is stars like our pure heart that they are same in inside & outside like pure White . & they show only true things that they feel in inside. They are not diamonds but precious than diamonds. ( while giving answer he thinks about ishani & give smile look )
N : rv what happened to u ? I didn’t saw u r this side before. U r changed.
Rv nodes smilingly. Then
N : rv I am very Hungary come on let’s have a food.
Rv : but nehaa
N : pls don’t tell any excuse & in afternoon u didn’t come to have lunch with me. So come fast amba kaki is waiting for us in dinning table.

Then scenes is changed to rahul & ishani.
Ishani told him that I didn’t love u r money & power I only loves rv more than my self. & we love each other with our soul not face , property , & money. She try to leave from there but rahul hold her hand & say pls ishani but she didn’t listen him & try to leave but he holds tightly her hand & try to confess her but she didn’t listen him & he try to confess her more & more then finally she get irritated & hardly slap him. He leave her hand & then she run from there with teary eyes.

Scenes change rv & neha come to dinning table. Rv ask fagulni that where is ishani ? she told that I call her but she didn’t come than I was suppose to think that she is with u. Rv thinks that where is she . & tell wait I will bring her or I will find her. He leave & searching for ishani everywhere . rv see that ishani is seating on the bed in his room & get teary eyes. He comes & said what are u doing here all are searching u for dinner . she suddenly hug rv tightly. He his shocked & ask her what happen to u my sweet heart? She try to tell him but she get fear that think that this is not perfect time to say all this things & rv is in his business & work tension if I told him then he get more tension & get angry & in angriness he do anything like he kill to rahul. This is not perfect time to tell & all house members are in happiness & joy , I didn’t spoil their happiness.
Rv : what happen to u ishani ?
Ishani : on my dress some spot ( smear) are there so my dress get faulty ( defective)
Rv : only that thing na why are u depressed & get teary eyes ishani. here u r ranveer is always for u na. don’t worry I will make it fine.
He apply some liquid form of detergent & her spots of dress gone quickly. Ishani get happy & thank him. He tells come let’s go for dinner mom is waiting for us .( but rv was thinking that ishani didn’t get teary eyes from this little things like her dress get spots I think she is hiding any problem with me.). Neha see all this things & get jealous.

Precap : Rv Shout’s on neha.
& then this episode finally the marriage day comes. & guys u remembered our awards nominations.

Credit to: Mariya

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  1. The beginning of the episode was soo sweet.. I hope Ishani tells RV soon and they both get rid of Neha and Rahul… Gret job sissy!!

    1. Thank you so much reena sis. Ya dr neha & rahul their bad plans are didn’t complete our ishveer beat their plans.

  2. Dear Mariya I liked the episode I was just imagining your terrace scene it was so beautiful & ya I remember the award nomination

    1. Thank you Neelam dear u r so sweet dr

  3. Wow… superbbb epi mariya dear…. pls make ranveer know the truth soon… excitedly waiting for next epi…..

    1. Thank you julina dear but in next some episodes ishani didn’t tell the truth to rv because the house is fill with full of happiness & the wedding house na that’s way dr. Pls u have to wait it for dr.

  4. Hey guys do u knoe anything about Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi remake into my heart FF. Becoz meera has not posted part 30 since a month

    1. Ya I remember about it but why she didn’t post it.if any problem & u know her ?

    2. I think so she is having her exams that’s way she didn’t post it na. & all our old ff writer vadhahi all thos write their ff why they stop it. Pls if u read my comment guys pls write u r ff . I miss all old ff.

    3. I also really loved that ff… I hope she can soon come back to it…

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode mariya dii.waiting for next….

    1. Thank you sana dr

  6. Superb epi dr.but i expect ish explain all those things to ranvi and ranvi got angry and console ish by hugging her tightly with some romantic words.but u postponed thatna its k dr.but really really such a lovable epi dr.and make some possesiveness and small fight for ish and ranvi in next episodes that is more romatic one dr.its my req dr.superb keep going dr

    1. Ya sathya di I also thinking the episode like u r imagination. Some little fight & they come more close to each other. I think so u read my mind ?

      1. Sorry its laughing emoji ☺??

  7. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh mariya dear . its sooo nice . i am waiting for it for a long time …. pls mariya dear show some scences in which ishu care rv . it will be nice dear

    1. Ya amritha dr after some episodes I will that scenes u ask that ishu car rv OK dr

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