Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 17

Hi friends , how are u. Thank for u r support & encouragement.
Recap: ishveer leaves to home.

The episode start with they both comes to home amba greet them & ask how was the day? They both say nice . amba ask rv that hi take his medicines or not ? Then ishani replay to her ya anti I gave him medicine. Amba thanks to ishani that u r very caring & loving daughter. I didn’t have any daughter but u r like my own daughter. Ishani says ya anti don’t worry about rv I will take care of him.
In the evening the mahendi function is start all guest & relatives are comes to attend the function. Riya & ritika are seat together & apply mahendi on her hand . ishani is applying mahendi to riya . the music dhol are played.
From upstairs ranveer & shikhar comes. Rv in blue & shikhar in white shervani. Rahul & his family comes to function. Baa ask shikhar & rahul to find his name in mahendi. They all come near riya & ritika.
Shikhar : bhai help me ( silently in rv’s ear )
Rv : don’t worry shikhar I will be with u always.
Rv : ishani u are apply mahendi to riya na .
Ishani : ya, look how much is this nice na.
Rv : ( he see the mahendi ) then said no look it is all cartoon & animals u draw. & I am dam sure that u forgot to write shikhar ‘s name in that. right
Ishani : what are u saying ranveer.
Rv : ya I am saying 100% correct.
Ishani : no it is not correct.
Rv : then show me the name na.
All are trying to stop ishani to show the name but she didn’t listen to any one & she very angry on rv & excited to show the name. Finally.
Ishani : look ranveer shikhar ‘s name ( she show the first letter of shikhar ‘s name)
Rv : Thank you so much ishani we wine the game. & look shikhar u r name in that.
Shikhar : Thank you bhai u help me.
All are laughing. Ishani give angry look to rv & leave from there. Rv see her & try to stop her.

Rv : ishani wait ishani.
She didn’t replay him & leave from there.
Rv : ishani I am sorry my sweet heart . pls stop.
Again she didn’t response to him.
They go to terrace.
Ishani go to one corner of the terrace & see the out side scenes.
Rv : ( he down his keenl & seat on his keenl) ishani pls listen to me sorry baba. Really I am just try to help shikhar that’s only. I love u my sweet heart pls understand me na.
Pls look at me na I bought red rose for u see na.
Ishani : smilingly see him & say it’s OK. Even I didn’t live without u any moment of my life. I didn’t not think my life without u. Love u so much my handsome rv. & thanks for this red rose.
Rv : propose her & said u r are best & beautiful love u so much my ishu.
Rv : I know ishani u didn’t angry with me any time . our souls made for each other. Love u too ishu.
Ishani : ya ranveer. Let’s do dance.
Rv : why not . sure
Ishani : okey
They both dance on tum hi ho song. They share an eye lock . ishani kiss rv on his cheek & rv kiss on her forehead. They both each other hand tightly & sleep on the floor & see the stars.

Precap : rahul propose ishani.

Guys ritika ‘ s fiance try to proper ishani. But u u know na guys ishveer are best so don’t angy on me . I will make clear it. Pls support me . & luv u friends.

Credit to: Mariya


  1. Reena

    Superb job Mariya sis! I cant wait for the next episode.. And I hope nothing will happen to Ishveer..

  2. Julina

    Wow mariya dear… Such a cute epi…. I can imagine ishu’s cuteness…. Pls update soon dear…. Eagerly waiting…

    • Mariya

      Thank you so much my sweet bro. & pls take care of u r self & don’t lose hope bro god will definitely reduce u r pain very fast.

  3. Neelam

    Dear Mariya the episode was sooo cute I really love it waiting for the next episode very excitedly ?

    • Mariya

      Thank you so much my sweet sathya di I am waiting for u r comments.
      I will post the next episode pls read it dii.

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