Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 16

Hi friends , I am Mariya sorry for late update. Hope u didn’t forgot my ff because there are many ff in this page na. & thank for u r support & limitless love.
Recap : rv have cough & fever at last night so amba tells ishani to go office with rv & take care of him. Ishveer reach office.
The episode start with rv & ishani come to office. They entered in cabin ishani say nice cabin u r choice color of room is perfect. In the corner she see paintings . ( remember guys in free time rv used to draw panting . ) she see all paintings & say u r paintings are superb nice. But u didn’t draw my painting ? Rv says ishani I am to busy with my work the coming Sunday I will draw it. OK they both smile . rv get his chair & beside him ishani also seat with other chair. Rv opens his all files & start working. While working ishani ask so many question like what are this files & shares & tender’s etc. Poor rv explains all this things to her & said pls u will keep quite because u distract me to do work. Ishani give angry look to him. ( remember guys last night ishani didn’t sleep well because rv get cough & fever ) so she feels very tiered. & while talking She sleep on rv’s shoulder . rv see her that she is sleep on his shoulder he smile at her. Actually ishani’s hair comes to her face then rv gently place her hair to other side. Then Rv start his working.
After some time THE NEW VILLAIN’s entry her name is ( actually guys u have to choose her name option 1) naina & 2) neha but avoid confusion in this episode I write her name neha & in next episode I will change it as per u r wish OK) so neha is not good girl she is some flirty & likes rv. & she is rv’s business partner & friend also. Today she comes to meet rv for business meeting.

She entered in rv ‘s cabin & say Hi rv how are u. Rv says hi neha I am fine what . pls talk slowly because ishani is sleeping. Neha shocked to see ishani sleeping on rv’s shoulder. Rv says what a pleasant surprise to see u here. & when u come from USA. She shockingly saw ishani & lost in her thinking. Rv repeat his sentence. Then neha says yesterday I came from USA . rv says OK. U have to come to meet me with any business purpose ? & how was our USA business going on. Already rishi told me about our business but I ask u r opinion. Neha says ya our business is growing very fast. & I am come to meet my best friend. Rv let’s come it’s time for lunch na then we have to go any hotel. I know u r busy with u r work but first u have to take proper care of u r health I think u didn’t change na. Rv nodes yes but ishani cares me a lot & see na she is sleeping on my shoulder & she is very tiered. So now I didn’t come with u sorry. If u say then we will tomorrow go for lunch OK. She says OK then we will meet tomorrow. She come out from cabin & says rv u are totally changed but don’t worry dear I will change u as my wish. & that girl what’s name is her ishani na I will teach her later on . she go with angry look.
After some time ishani get up & see she is sleeping on his shoulder then say sorry ranveer u did not do work na only for my sleep na. Rv says no nothing like that I am rv I do my work in any situation . ishani hold his hand tightly & sleep on his arm. They share an eye lock ( ke tery ley duniya chod di he song play). After some time rv break eye lock & say aaahh my hand is paining . because from 3 hours Sunny deol sleep on my hand na. & he start laughing. Ishani angrily beat on his hand. Rv says aaahh ishani it is pain full. Ishani says sorry. & gently do masaj on his hand. Rv says it’s OK my sunny. Rv order some food for them. They feed food to each other. They done their lunch then ishani take out some medicine from her back & forcefully feed to him. ( because rv have cough & fever) rv says ishani I am very lucky to have u in my life . u r very caring & loving. I love u ishani. She says love u to dear vaghela. They both smile. In evening they come to home.

Precap: guys u remember na shikhar with riya & ritika with rahul their marriage functions is going on. So precap is their mahendi function is start.

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  1. Amazing job Mariya darling! I dont really care which one you use as the villian.. I really just Ishveer to be together and defeat the villian! I love your ff!

    1. Thanks reena dear

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hai mariya dii.missed u so onwards u update daily na.
    And this episode was superb.

    1. Thank you my sweet sis I also miss u a lot.

  3. Hey Mariya yes I remember your ff I was waiting for your ff then I thought that you will never update it but now I am happy because you updated it and the episode was amazing and both names are ok for villain so you choosed Neha it’s also nice

    1. Thank you so much Neelam dear

  4. aww missed ur ff soooo much…….update quickly

    1. Thanks bro. Ya sure sana & bro I will update it fast OK.

    1. Thanks rithu

  5. I love it dr….. u r an amazing writter…. me to miss u alot dr….

    1. Thank you vyshu dear I also miss u dear & love u.

  6. Wow dear…. suuuperb epi… who can forget ur ff… I was longing for ur ff… atlast u updated … tnk u for updating… waiting for next epi

    1. Thank you julina dear . thanks for commenting.

  7. Ankita(ishveer forever)

    Wow.. Really loved it Mariya dr! ❤❤

    1. Thank you ankita dear

  8. Hey my mariya sweety how r u dr.i misssssssssssss u a a days i couldnt comment regularly dr.but today i saw ur ff na i am really fl happy after long time u post it na dr.and neha is k as villan dr.and how r u sweet heart how was ur exams dis wellna dr.i love u soooooo much sissy

    1. I am fine sathya di & how are u dii . thank you so much dii I also misssssssssssss u badly. My exams are gone well dii. I to love u soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweet heart dii

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