Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 15


Hi friends, sorry for late update.
Recap : falguni & baa allow ishani to stay in rv’s house.
The episode start with falguni & all parekh family leave to their house. Rv is going to his room for Washing his face. Ishani follows him. He came to his bathroom but there is no water & in water tap there is no water they have some damage. Ishani see him & say Wait I will bring water. After some time she come with a bucket of full cold water. Rv says thanks & give me some water to wash my face. Ishani says I will help you. & say to close his eyes. Rv say OK. He close his eyes . ishani take full bucket of water & though it on his body.
Rv: aaahhhhhhh…………ishani stop it. I tell you to give me some water to wash my face not my full body. But you through full bucket of water on me.
Ishani : laughingly ( in noughty way) ranveer it just a water not else. Why you’re worrying to much.
Rv: OK then teach me na that how I did not worry. ( he come close to her & hold her from back side. He kiss her neck )
Ishani : ranveer I am very tired I will teach you later pls let me go.
Rv: ohh now you’re tired. The whole day you follow me & do so mach masti. Now this is my tern.
Ishani : ranveer pls leave me.
Rv: first you have to kiss me then I will leave you.
Ishani: wh….at…..(what)? No…no this is not possible.
Rv: this time you are worrying ishu.
Ishani: ya off course . because I didn’t do any thing with any one like this.
Rv: I am also didn’t do like this. But I will teach you. Close your eyes.
Ishani close her eyes.

Rv come close to her . & ishani also come towards him. Ishani kissing him but rv give his check to her. Then she kiss him on his checks. Ishani open her eyes & say what? You give me you’re check. Rv says ya because you’re worrying so mach na that’s way. Ishani says no no I am not worrying .( actually she is in noughty mood). Then rv kiss on her hand then place her hair to others side & kiss her on her neck. They both share an eye lock. Har kisi ko nahi melta yaha pyaar zindagi me song play.
Then amba call ishani for sleeping. They both alert. Ishani leave from there.

In night 4pm rv get up & feel coughing & little bit fever. He search for water but there is no water in jug so he go to kitchen. Ishani hears some coughing noise & she get up. She see rv is coughing & go to kitchen. She follow him. Rv get water & start drinking while drinking he feels coughing. Ishani come close to him she place her hand to his back & gently beat him. ( like piith thapthapana). She says sorry ranveer I through cold water on you. But wait I will make some kadha for you then you feel better. Rv nodes OK. She made some kadha . while making kadha rv come close to her hold her from back side. He place his head on her shoulder. She says ohh my little baby you get fever na don’t worry you will be fine soon. She place her hand to his head. Rv says OK I will get fine soon but you have to give me one kiss pls.
Ishani terns to him && she she kiss him on his lips. Then ishani says now you have to drink this kadha now. He says no ishani this look very dangerous. You give me sach a nice kiss na then look I am fine. Ishani says no ranveer. Then she take kadha in her hand & drink to rv. He says I will drink this kadha but you have to give me one more kiss. She says no ranveer. I told you little baby but that’s not mean that you act like a child.
He says ya I am your little baby like this na ( like that’s the way you caring me ) . you have to give me otherwise I didn’t drink it. She says OK but first you have to drink it. He nodes. She take kadha & drink to rv with her hand. He drunk all kadha. Then ishani says OK ranveer good night. He ( exclamation mark on his face) says ishani give me a kiss. You are my sunny deol na you have lot of energy so pls give some energy to me. She says good night & leave from there. He run towards her holds tightly to her & kiss her. Ishani intimate with him but he says after our marriage OK & say good night to her. They leave from there rv come to his room. He did feel well so ishani says I will be with you. She said him to sleep & she seat beside him & place her hand on his head & says sleep ranveer. He sleep.

In morning amba comes to rv’s room & she see that ishani is seating on the floor beside rv’s bed & place one hand to rv’s head & other hand is holding with rv’s hand. But they are sleeped. Amba think that she is very nice girl & she is more caring towards rv.
Then they both get up & shockingly see amba. Amba says come fast for breakfast. They nods.
In the breakfast table amba told to rv that beta you didn’t feel well na so today you didn’t go to office. ( before rv conea to breakfast table amba ask rv that beta last night you got fever & rv comes to breakfast table amba ask rv that you didn’t feel well at last night) he says yes maa I told you na that ishani give me some kadha & now I feel better. & I have important meeting so pls maa.amba says OK beta but ishani also go with you otherwise you didn’t go to office. He says but maaa then amba says I know is very nice & always care for you so she will go with you OK. He says OK. They both leave to office.

Precap : ishani sleep on rv’s shoulder .

Guys new villain is coming. The that new villain name.
& the new villain see ishveer & get jealous.

Credit to: Mariya

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  1. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    soooo nice super i love it but why new vilian sad . . ur cover pic nice . . . i love it . .

    1. Thanks rookey rookers.
      Because they both understand to each other very well. Thats way the new villain.

  2. Guys how was my pic? & actually rv looking nice but ishani’s pic is little bit small na. I will edit it.

  3. Sorry friends I do some mistake ” rv didn’t feel well so ishani says I will be with you”.

  4. & actually that sentence is ” before rv comes to breakfast table amba ask him that he didn’t feel well & get some fever last night ” sorry I typed I hurry.

  5. I taped in hurry.

  6. Sorry friends I do more mistakes na pls get understand that sentence with ur imagination & sort. The situation & episode is very nice but I didn’t wrote like in proper way na .


    Oh wow Mariya dear….what to say yaar…..ishveer scenes were the best of all…..loved it truly dear……really wanna hug u dear…..

    1. Thanks dr I am also want to hug u dr

  8. very very romantic ff dude

    1. Thanks Prince

  9. This is an amazing episode!!! I love it sooo much!

    1. Thanks reena dear

  10. waa babss…amazing..and due to kadha making portion rv slept in ishu’s shoulder is really wndrful dr…may god bless u..??

  11. thnx for ur wishing mariya dr..for my wedding..?

  12. haan covr pic dashing sis..but ishu’s fac is not much cleared yaar..

    1. Thanks arham dear.

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb superb episode mariya dr.waiting for precap.

    1. Thanks sana sis

  14. Wow…Mariya that was so nice?

    1. Thanks Neelam dear

  15. Ishverr scenes are super awesome.keep it up.update nest as soon as possible…

    1. Thanks nas dr

  16. Romantic episode I love it to the core dr…. muuah love u…????????????????

  17. Thanks vyshu dear & love u dr

  18. Sorry friends I will be come back after 20 April because I have exams. & continue my ff & thanks friends for supporting & encouraging me.

  19. Mariya dr superb superb dr,ishveer romance are mindblowing,u already told me that u dnt know abt romancena.but tis is.very nice dr.and sorry dr for late comment,somany ff are postedna so now only i search and read it dr.sorry dr..

  20. Thanks sathya di for commenting in my ff .
    & I know little bit romance to see in TV. That much only.
    U like it na di that’s very nice.

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