Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 13


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Recap: ishani shyly run from there & rv smilingly see her.

The episode start with in the evening ishani’ s family come to rv’s house for selecting clothes for both family . the man comes to house for showing clothes. All are see the clothes & selected. But ishani & amba are confused to select the clothes then rv comes from office amba call him to chose clothes for her. Rv come there & see ishani is also didn’t find any better clothes for her. So he select the clothe & try to give ishani but amba suddenly tell woww this is nice one .& says to all look my son chose clothes for me & his choice is very nice. ( actually amba didn’t see that rv is selecte clothes for ishani & she considered as he is selecting for her) . ishani didn’t find any better clothe for her & she leave from there. Rv follows her & see she is sad. Rv comes to her & tell don’t worry we will go to buy clothes. Ishani says but we don’t have that much time for shopping in one hour all guest are come & I have to do some function preparations also. Rv says it is one hour na & parul & devarsh do all function preparations OK. Come let’s go. They leave but amba & baa ask them where are you going? Rv & ishani see each others face shockingly. Rv say maa I have some work in office so I have to go immediately . then ishani says baa I am going to purchase best & natural haldi in my friends shop. today is haldi ceremony na so I am going to purchase natural haldi. Then rv ‘s says come ishani I will drop you to shop.

Then they both leave in hurry. They both go to one shop of clothes . rv says to sales man to show best clothes of this shop. He show some nice clothes . but ishani is totally confused to purchase the dress. Then rv chose blue color dress for her. Ishani syas ya that dress is very nice. Then she realizes that she forgot her purse( bag) in home. She says rv I forgot my bag( clach) in home. He says don’t worry I will pay the Bill.

They leave from their but ishani see some nice suit for rv & ask him to purchase that suit for him. Rv says I have many suits in my cupboard it is not necessary for me.but ishani force him to purchase & say today we have ramp walk on stage for best jodi nomination I we have to win this award na so pls get that suit . it is match with my dress & we look best jodi ok.
The he purchased that suit. Ishani says your are the best in the world . love you ranveer. You so much care me na . you can’t see me sad & any problem na. Rv says ya ishani I love you &don’t worry I will be with you if you have any problem .

Precap: the haldi ceremony is started . ishani &rv & all party serpent’s are walk on ramp. after that ishani do some masti & through all haldi on rv.

Credit to: Mariya

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb mariya dr.waiting for precap.

    1. Thanks sana dear

  2. ahhh way they cut rv’s face in my ff pic I am getting very angry . they both looking cute & beautiful.


    Wow Mariya dear….amazing….love it really……and ya waiting for haldi romance yaar……

    1. Thanks dhurva dear . u ff is to good dr

  4. Wow…. Amazing….. dr…. ishveer always best jodi… in the world dr…???????

    1. Thanks vyshu dear yes our ishveer are best jodi in the world

  5. Wow superb dr. U r amazing..thanks for tis wonderfull story dr..

    1. Thanks sathya dear

  6. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    oh mariya’s owsm to read..i really going to dream..aftr i reading it..really wndrfl fresh stry line sis..keep rocking??

    1. Thanks arham dear

  7. Very nice Mariya waiting for next ff

    1. Thanks Neelam dear

  8. Hi,Mariya waw itsvery nice.I love to read your ff.waiting for next.all the best for exams.keep rocking…..have a nice day.

    1. Thanks nas dear

  9. exciting love story dude……..

    1. Thanks Prince dear

  10. Superb episode but pls tell me what is haldi ceremony I don’t know about that

    1. Thanks nivetha . haldi ceremony is 2 days before marriage functions part. In that haldi is applied to the couples.
      & then if you want to apply to others then OK . no matter it is depends upon our.
      & I know that much about this ceremony otherwise I am also didn’t know very much about it.

  11. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    ho mariya dear nice . but what is mean my haldi is it the colpr hiven to yhe hands of marriage women . i mean mehandi . and is it hindi dear .. i love u ff

  12. Mariya…. changed shadika…. not Ishveer….

    Pls make two … villians neha, ishan…. ok !

    I want shadika…. real life love story….!!


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  14. Hi Mariya how are you.when you will update your next episode.

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