Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 11

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Recap: shikhar & riya & ritika with rahul their marriage date is fixed.
The episode Start with the young girl driving the car to rich hospital but the car get damage . ( she is non other than ishani. She became MBBS doctor & do job in one of famous hospital ) she get out of car & call her gard & say that take my car to garage I am getting to late for hospital .

So she walk on road to find auto but she didn’t find the auto. & some boys see the ishani alone & try to flirt . suddenly rv passes from that road & he saw ishani & those boys. he come out of car & hold that boys coaler & fight with them . ishani try to stop him but he didn’t stop.

The boys run out of there. but rv’s hand get injured & continuously bleeding. Ishani see & worried about that & her handkerchief rolled into his hand. Then says we have to reach hospital as soon as possible because you are very much injured. ( actually he is also have some little bit injure on head). Rv says i have to talk some important to you . she says no first we have to reach hospital .They reach to hospital.

They entered in hospital all staff members say good morning ma’am . ishani replayed to them. Then Rv says woww Congress you become a doctor. She ask nurse for bandages & ointment. & apply to his hand & head . he just smilingly see her . she ask you do not feel any pain just smiling & smiling. then he said it is just little bit pain but my happiness is more more greater than my pain. Because I see you after so many years so my face get automatically smiling.
She says don’t try to smart with me. Then she rolled bandage to his head she comes close to him rv hold her waist they share an eye lock & tum hi ho kiyu ki tum hi ho chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqi ab tum hi ho song play.

Days are passed away rv always try to find some reasons to meet her. Every day he get injured & little bit cut his hand to go hospital to meet her. One day she says to rv I know from 10 days your come continuously to meet me. but why you are harm to your self I don’t like this. I don’t see you in any pain. & she crying. Rv wiped her tears & says you love me a lot I know so why you behaving like this me . she told all matter about that night. Rv says OK tomorrow you come with me in my house .

The next day rv call to chirag & said you have to come to my home for some business purpose. He says OK. Chirag come to rv’s home amba says to him that come inside & sit. Chirag ask about rv . amba says that he leaves from home in morning . rv hold ishani’s hand & enter in the house. Amba & chirag shockingly see them. Rv come to chirage & told him to tell about that night truth. chirag says what are you asking I don’t no. Then rv holds his coaler & try to force him to tell the truth. Amba & ishani try to stop rv. But he did not stop. at last chirag tell all the truth to amba & say sorry to them. Amba come to chirag & slap him hardly. Then rv says say sorry to ishani & get lost from here other wise I will kill you. He says sorry to ishani & leave from there.

Amba also says sorry to ishani . ishani says aunty its not your fault . let forget that things. Amba says tonight my son shikhar’ s engagement party is there so you are invited so pl come to party. Rv says of course mom ishani is sister of riya. Amba says ohh that’s very nice. You two sisteres are very cute.

In evening ishani , riya & ritika they comes to rv’s home.ishani in red lehnga , riya is in orang lehnga & ritika is in pinc lehnga.( actually friends ritika’ s engagement is also in rv’s house. because kailash & Mr.zaveri ( ritika’s father) are good friends so he decided to do marriage of there childs in same house .they all entered in the house . amba greet them . on stairs rv , shikhar & rahul come to hall. Rv is in red shairwani & shikhar is in orang shairwani & rahul is in pinc shairwani .( raluh is smart & handsome but always less than rv) rv is & ishani looking very cute & nice.
Precap: rv & ishani together do dance in engagement party .

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  1. Amazing epi …. that hospital Rv conservation …. suuperb …!!

    ????????…..? ( shadika ) ….!!

    Loved the ishveer scenes so much …. keep it up ….!!

  2. Amazing epi …. that hospital Rv conservation …. suuperb …!!

    ????????…..? ( shadika ) ….!!

    Loved the ishveer scenes so much …. keep it up ….!!

    I loved ur cover pic …. that episode aslo one of my favourite … mariya dr ….

    Wat about ur health …..!!

  3. Awesome mariya dr.finally u r also posted ur ff dr iam very happy dr.wait for next episode dr.pls post soon dr

  4. Nice episode dear☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️I enjoyed reading it……….

  5. This is awesome keep writing I was waiting for your update ?

  6. Hi,its nice you are are you
    now..your ff is awesome

  7. dude why so late update??? anyways fantastic ff

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb mariya dr.atlast they meet.waiting for next.

  9. Thanks nas dear . I am fine. But little bit pain in my head & I have get specs from doctor.
    & how are you?

  10. Thanks prince dear . I didn’t write my ff because we thinks that shakti is not loves radz so I am not feeling well . my head is continuously paining so doctor get me specs.
    But now I am fine dear & hearing this news shakti loves radz I am very happy.
    & what about your health?

  11. Thanks vyshu dear now I am also one of the favourite episode dear.

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  16. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    wow….too good…..

  17. Mariya update your ff as soon as possible & get well soon ?

  18. Thanks shruthi IshuRv & Neelam dears .ya I am fine.

  19. My ff readers thanks for encouraging & supporting me.

  20. hi mariya why you are not updating ff daily.plz update we are waiting for the next…

    1. Hi nas dear sorry but I can’t update daily ff because some assignments & journals are given in my college for completion. But tomorrow I will update it.ok dear.

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