Ishveer forever Chapter-5

Sorry guys! Due to wifi problems I was not able to give my written updates. Here it is-
When I came inside, our class teacher Mrs. Parineeta announced that we will not sit with our friends because we make noises. No one was happy with her decision but I was like my dream come true. Now, Chirag cant disturb me. Mam changed our seat and my turned to be with Ishani! Iwas very very very happy that day. It was one of my best day.

From that day, our friendship grew stronger and stronger. It was then, I realized I was in love with her. True love. But after few months, My dad came to my room when I was doing my homework and said,” Son! A good news for you. Our home is ready and now we will shift there after some days when all the furniture and stuff like that get’s ready. Want to check that?” “Ok! Dad.” I said sadly.

I will not able to live with Ishani at more. No more games. No more fun with each other. We will meet only in school. We were going when Ishani asked if she can come and absolutely we said her yes and went out. I was quite surprise that we were not going by our car. “Dad. Aren’t we going to check our home?” “Yes. we are.” “Then why we are going by road.” “Oh! Its very near to the house that’s why.” “Ok1” I said very happily. Our house was after 2 more houses. It was grand like Ishani’s home. t was quite big. Half of the furniture was placed and half was left. Now, we can again have fun and again do all the things we want to do. As dad said our home got ready after some days and we shifted their.

Ishan’s family was reacting like we were again going to America when we were leaving. It was looking like family drama. My life was going perfect when one day something bad happened in the school. really, very very bad that turned my life.

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  1. Nice anandi…u r really a gud writer..keep up the gud work…but plzz write a liitle more…itzz too short..

    1. O know my ff r short but I always try to write little more but I can’t help myself for that. I always make it short

  2. Nice episode dr….keep writing

  3. Oh my god anandu u r great yaar my best wishes for u aise update dete rahna and by the way tum kis class ki student ho jo itni acchi writer ban gai

    1. Thanks radhika. Well you will not believe but I am in 7

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