Ishveer forever Chapter-4

Chirag gupta was very rude to me. He not eve give me any notes. I was having difficulty due to that in my studies coz I don’t have notes so I was not able to learn anything. One day, when mam asked me why I was not completing my work I said ,” Mam actually Chirag doesn’t give me notes that’s why I am not able to complete my work.” “No mam. He is lying. I give him my notes for completing his work but instead he said that he doesn’t want any notes as he doesn’t want to do it.” said Chirag. I was really angry and wanted to kill him. Mam scold me a lot and I found it very difficult to explain her that she better change my seat. After many scolding’s, she atlast agree to let me sit with another intelligent boy Chirag Mehta. He was really good and he helped me complete my work. He become my good friend. Even Ishani was his great friend. But I never knew that my great friend will became evil.

Well… leave that thing right now. You will understand that thing later. In 1 week I was done with my every work. All teachers appreciated me but no one still believe that Chirag gupta was a big liar. One day, when I was going down to buy me a notebook I saw Chirag with Ishani. I thought they must be talking about something but then I thought why will they talk alone at a very lonely place where no one will see them. then I went a little close and found that Ishani was crying. I wanted to go and ask them what happened that Ishani was crying but a teacher called me and I have to go. I completed her work fast and went their and what I saw, I have never even dream that. My best friend will do that. Chirag was trying to kiss Ishani! Ishani was trying to push him away. I immediately went there and pushed him away from Ishani and said,”What are you doing Chirag? Have you gone mad?” “It’s none of your matter. She is mine. I can do whatever I want. Who are you to stop me? Just leave me alone.” “Ok fine.” I said and started going away with Ishani. “Hey. You want to go you go but why you are taking Ishani with you? I said you that she is mine. Only and only my. Just leave her and go.” “I think you are a very confusing person. first you sais that we must leave you alone and now you are saying you now didn’t want to be alone and want Ishani.” “You blo*dy rascal. I will not leave you.” Chirag said and pulled me by collar. Then, We had very big fight and then our class teacher came. She said,” Why re you both fighting? And why Ishani is crying? Did you beat them.” “No mam. They don’t beat me. Actually, Chirag and I was talking and then he shouted at me as I was being rude and I started crying. Suddenly,Ranveer came and he said why Chirag shouted at me and then they have a fight.” said Ishani without giving a chance to both of us “Ok! Now go back to the class. No need to fight for such small things.” she said and went away. Chirag also went away.”Thanks Ranveer for saving me.You are really a good friend. If you would have not came the what must have happened to me?” “Anything for you but why you lied to the teacher? And why chirag was..” “we will talk about it later. Now lets go back. We are getting late for our maths period.” she said and left. I was not sure that all was going good with her. I was thinking about her when Chirag came. He said,” I will not leave yu Ranveer. You have killed our friendship and give birth to enmity between us.” “Chirag wait…” I shouted but he didn’t listen and went away. I was in shock. I was not able to believe that he was such a bad boy and I have to sit with him whole year.!

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  1. Very nice story and Ranveer’s character is awesome

  2. Hey anandi you know ajkal matsh painful aaraha hai so i am very sad but jab se tum ye update dene lagi ho i feel better. Thank thank thank uuuuuu so much

    1. Oh! Thanks radhika for such a good compliment

  3. love u……………awsome

    1. Thank u very much marry.

  4. Hey anandi..y u havnt yet updated todayzz epi..??.

  5. Hey anandu where r u update nahi de rari i miss yaar

  6. I know abc. Actually, My wifi connection wire broke and it took 3 days to get fixed. So, I m updating now when I read tthat what happened in these 3 days

  7. Very nice story and Ranveer’s character is awesome

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