IshVeer Forever (Chapter 1)

Hey! Hope you all will like my story.

CHAPTER-1 The First meet.

Ranveer’s diary-am Ranveer Vaghela. Many years have passed till I lost my love. MY ISHANI. (He goes to his past and write about it) I was 6 year old when we were in America and my father said,” Ranveer, my son, go get ready and pack your bag. We are going to India.” And the next day we all went there by air. We reached there at 9:00 p.m. We lived in Delhi for two years as his company was there but then, we shifted to Mumbai because he wanted to make his own company. His own diamond company! We went to a mansion which looked like a beautiful palace. I asked my father,” Is this the place where we will live? It’s a ….” “Oh, No! This is not our home. It will take a month or two till our house will be ready. It’s my very old friend’s home. We will live here till our house get ready.” “Ok!” I said and we went inside. The house was ten times beautiful than it was from outside. Many servants were decorating the house. I think some kind of function was going to be held there. Many people were coming to us. But I was not interested in it as whenever someone meets, the person hugs me or kiss me which really gets on my nerves. But suddenly, I here someone laughing and I went in the search of the person. I saw from a distance, a girl laughing at a boy who have fell down. The girl was very pretty and I got mesmerized seeing her. Yes, she is none other than Ishani. She was still laughing and I was staring her. I would have stared her my whole life but suddenly someone called me but I didn’t wanted to go but keep staring her. But my mother came there and said,” Oh, Ranveer you are here. I was searching you every where. Where have you gone?” “Nowhere mom. Let’s go.” I said as I don’t wanted to let her know that I was staring at her.

Credit to: Anandi


  1. OH WOW!its very good anandi.ACHA HAI KI RANVEER PEHLE SE HI RICH HAI. ELSE, baa, chirag,disha, ranveer ko——————->driver ka beta bolte hain.very nice anandi

    • Anandi

      To make it interesting. Well all know ishveer cannot be separated. U will understand my story when u will continue reading it.

  2. marry

    anandi u wrote damm intersting i really enjoiny this writing then the writer,s of ekta mam………….keep it up ?????????

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