IshVeer Forever (Chapter-1 part-2)

Mom took me to the hall. There were many people. Harshid Parekh whom I call mota bapu ji, Falguni maa, Ritesh mama, Chaitali mami whole family was there talking to dad that he have came there after 8 years! Baa said Hello to me but I ignored her as I was looking for Ishani. Mom pinched me a little hard and I shouted,” Ouch!” and came back to my senses. I said,” Hello aunty.” She kissed me on my cheek which irritated me a lot so I just ran away from there. When I was far away from them I just look for something to wipe my cheeks. I found a curtain and ran towards it. When I was wiping my cheek, I was looking very funny. Ishani saw me and started laughing at me. I saw her and put the curtain down. She said,” Who are you?” She said very sweetly. I was just staring her and was daydreaming that she and I are together and enjoying. She thought I haven’t listened and said a little louder,” WHO ARE YOU?” I came back to my senses and said hesitantly,” Ran…ve…er Ranveer Vaghela. I am son of your father’s friend.” “Oh! I am Ishani. Nice to meet you Ranveer.” “Nice to meet you too.” I said still looking at her. It was love at first sight. I have started loving her since I saw her! Falguni maa came searching for Ishani and saw her with me. She said,” You both are here and I was searching you in your room. You are getting late for your dance classes. Get ready fast!” “Yes mom.” she said and ran towards her room. When she came out, she looked more pretty than before. She wore a pink frock. I just wanted to stare her but it wasn’t possible. She left with her mom for her classes. I also went to the hall. Mom was angry as I have ran away like that but she doesn’t say anything but just look at me angrily. We had lunch and we went to our room.

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  1. i really loved it but its to short……….

  2. i really loved it but its to short……….well done anandi…….

  3. no option to comment on 6 nov epi…..y ???? plz chek………

  4. I like it but it’s very short

  5. I know that it’s too short actually I was writing my ff when it was time for my tutions but the next chapter will be little big.

  6. yeah,it’s a little short but its very very nice anandi

    1. Thanks nibir

  7. Really nice

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