Baa was talking to manas about ishani and ranveer
Manas : haan baa rv is not in office he is in pune from there only he is handling every thing he has informed it’s only temporarily for a month
Baa: hmm tike beta aditya. ..
Manas: he slept Baa
Go and take rest I hope rv will bring ishani soon.

Ranveer and ishani reached her home she gets down and went to neighbour house she got the key she saw ranveer standing next to the car gave a not minding look went to open the door it’s not opening.
Ranveer with a naughty smile came and ask her Wat happened she dint replied. .he asked the key let me try.she gave him and moved a little
He started acting like trying to open ishani: for all ur employees you will be doing like this
He turned to her with a smile No not at all
Now I am helping my wife you only told me know after 6:30 you are not my employeemail
Ishani got anger and turned to other side

Tat was the time night patrol police came and ask them wat they are doing
Ranveer just told them but they were saying like as soon as open the door and go inside or else come to police station.
Ranveer showed his card and said he s from Mumbai and a business man they were convinced a little but still they want rv and ishani to leave or else to open the door.
Ranveer look at ishani. .you have no other way come with me to hotel
She said in angry tone I won’t. ..let me sit outside.
Police interupted excuse me wats going on here c we will not allow a girl to sit outside who s he y you are not ready to go with him if you don’t wish to go you should come with us to police station. Ishani got shocked

Ranveer in a low tone …dis ‘s Wat you like know leaving me and going to jail or police station.
Ishani gave a sharp look to him
Before she could replied ranveer to police : no need sir she s my wife
Okay you guys leave first whose house is this
Ranveer : actually its our relative home any how we are leaving
With no other way ishani went with ranveer both started to hotel
In the half mid way car has stopped suddenly ishani looked at ranveer
Ranveer : trust me I dint do anything she turned her face another side
He went down and open the first phase of the car was checking some thing his hand got dirty with grease.ishani was standing on the other side.he came and took the bottle from dashboard struggling to open it

Ishani went and snatched it from him and started pouring it she bent down since ranveer was showing his hands
No one was in the road car has parked in the middle of the road cool breeze was blown ishani sarre was moved a little her stomach was clearly visible her milky white skin was attracted him like anything he got mesmerised. He was staring at her
Both came and sat in the car they reached hotel around 11 pm
Entered his room.she was following him silently. She took her mobile and started calling nitin
Ranveer went and fresh up came out.her saw ishani was standing near the window and calling
He took a towel and gave it to her if you want you can fresh up.
He ordered dinner for both of them ishani came out by wiping her face..

He asked her to have food she took water from the glass I am not feeling hungry.
He held her hand and said have it ishani other wise I will not eat.
She started having without speaking a word.they finished dinner
Ranveer got a call from amba he was talking to her ..ishani with a disappointed face called dadi number it was not reachable. She was standing in the balcony.
Ranveer came and asked her to sleep she can leave in the morning
Ishani: you go and sleep I will sit here itself.
Ranveer : I knew you can’t control yourself if you are near me
Ishani : you are saying this ..
Ranveer : haan do whatever you want do it inside let me close this balcony door I won’t c
be comfortable

Ishani came and sat in the couch
ranveer : you can sleep in the bed and I will. .
Ishani : no need to show your concern. I don’t even like to share this room with you I had no other choice go and do this all to tat ritika
Ranveer got angry and came close to her Wat you are thinking in your mind
IshanI ignored him and moved away
Ranveer : cuz of you only she came between us
You have never trust me and never asked me always assuming by yourself.

Ishani : oh really am the one who asked you to get married to her I only asked you to stayed with her in a same room and hang out all parties with her.
Ranveer : oh only I have done this kind of thingstuff .yu haven’t engaged with shikar you dint go anywhere with him I have done with compulsion of maa but yu…
He touched her shoulders tightly ishani having some guts
Ishani: if I would have stayed with shikar in same room and did a fake marriage with him again I came back to you..before she could complete
Ranveer in anger tone. ..ishani don’t you remember how much you have lied to me
If we are apart it’s all becoz of yu.
I shani went to balcony in anger Ranveer was hurt by her words also in anger he went to the corner of the room find a wine bottle he started to drink he lost his balance in anger he kept the bottle in glass tea poi and scratched his hand bottle felt down.
Ishani by hearing this sound rushed inside the room saw him in such a state also his hand with blood though it’s slightly scratch his hand she got worried came and sat next to him scolded him Wat you are doing

Ranveer in anger pushed her hand away and said leave me you don’t love me rite I don’t need ur care she knew very well how he will behave she find the intercom and called help desk get a first aid kit cleaned his hand
Initially ranveer denied then he remains quiet.ishani asked the room service people to clean the room she saw ranveer was feeling sleepy who was sitting in the couch
She slowly held him and made him lay on the bed she was about to take blanket to cover he held her hand and pulled her towards him she fell above him both shared a eye lock .he slowly made her lay on the bed he came above on her he touched her cheeks ishani turned other side she was up to say something. He kept his index finger on her lips went more close to her.
Any one would have stayed with me but only you are in my heart. Do you ever know how many nights I have spent when ritika stayed with me
And I never wish to take her out with me its all for ma only just to make her happy.
I really love you ishani I missed you like anything
I was dying inside when ever I saw you with shikar

Ishani:as if I was happy when you were with ritika how could you ranveer. .you were married her in front of yu have idea how much I was…..

Ranveer : dis is how I felt went wen you were with shikar.
Am sorry ishani I knew I dint trust you but please never leave me.if you leave me again now I hurt my hand tomorrow I will…before he could complete
Ishani kept her finger on his mouth
She slowly closed and open her eyes ranveer kept his face more close to her
Since he drank he was losting his consciousness he was falling to sleep ishani slowly held his shoulders make him lay on the bed properly ranveer was holding ishani hands tightly was murmuring in sleep don’t leave me ishani I really luv you.she saw him with a silent face.

Ranveer woke up and saw himself and looks next to him.
Sharman asked shikar about ishani

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