Ishani opened the door could see amba was having vihan Ishani took him and kept in her embrace started to making him sleep

Disha with a vigorous smile entered the house apologise to manas and baa with out no other option baa allowed her to stay in house
Sharman was very angry

Ritika and naina reached home were plotted their next plan

After vihan slept ishani was about to make him lay on the bed r
Ranveer : ishani make him to Lay on the cradle
Ishani with shy smile make him comfortable in the cradle she was about to get up Ranveer make her laid on the bed

Ishani :go and sleep
Ranveer shook his head as no he kissed her forehead

Both hugging each other

He slowly kisses her cheek then kisses her lips she was caressing his hair

Ranveer was hugging more tightly he was nuzzle her neck ishani in a low tone …..Ranveer
.Ranveer :hmm

Ishani :tomorrow you have office don’t want today vihan may wake up

Ranveer come out of the hug ..both were looking each other with love

Ishani caressing his cheeks …kya hua

Ranveer : after so many days we are being close to each other

Ishani :sorry ….for making you hungry like this.
Ranveer :hmm it’s k don’t want love making today but be close to me

Ishani kissed his forehead love you Ranveer

Ranveer was seeing cutely but you are always away from me
Ishani :oh my baby is missing me kissed his cheeks

She hugged him with smile. Both were hugging each other interlocking her hands with him

Ranveer was hugging her so tightly.
Ishani:Ranveer hmm Wat happen now you are so happy

..To be continued

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