Amba and ishani was about to leave then she took vihan carefully in her embrace waving bye to ranvéer he was unable to ask her anything
Amba :ranvéer your baba is also at home only
In this hurry ishani totally forget her mobile she started to leave with amba lakshmi and parul to siddhi vinayak temple

All the four sat in the car then ishani was having vihan he was cutely smiling to her

Amba was seeing him seems he understood that we are going out
Ishani :haan ma

Ranvéer was worried sat on the bed took his mobile called manas

Naina got a call from Nirbhay shocked to hear about her wedding she was asked some time
Then she reachedoffice were searching ranvéer then she saw manas she was about to ask him he was on the call she waited for a while once he hung up asked about ranvéer

Manas inform that he went to India she couldn’t believe the words because he dint even inform her

She went back to home called ritika.

Ranvéer was totally confused because he couldn’t get who did all these because it was a unknown number in ishani mobile
He tried his best to search the number only few information he got that was an At&t mobile number and was not in use now

He hesitate to share this with manas because he was not clear and how naina will react to this

Ishani amba lakshmi all went to temple have a good darshan
Then they came out
Lakshmi said to ishani hope parul should get good life
Ishani console her don’t worry kaki
Ishani was searching her mobile then she realised that forgot her mobile at home


  1. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Awesome epi di, loved it eagerly waiting for next, hope ranveer comes to know that naina did all that.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.