The whole day went well amba and kailash were engaged in naming ceremony works ranveer was in study room was finishING his work and also guide manas
Around 8:30 all were finishing their dinner came to their room
Ishani was making the baby to sleep in the middle she was arranging the bed cutesy was talking to her cute little son he was smiling and blinking lightly his eyes
Your papa know nowadays teasing me a lot so let us tease papa today you should be with mamma side okY….tat was the time ranveer entered the room locked the door came and sat on the bed
He was looking at her and kept his phone aside she was in cute red satin nighty
She laid down and make the baby close to her started to make him sleep
Ranveer too laid switching off the lights and turn on night lamps
He touch the baby cheeks. ..y my baby isn’t sleeping yet
Ishani smiled and hide…don’t know ranveer I think he will woke up soon you sleep let me play with him
Ranveer saw her and the baby …see he is sleeping now
Ishani :haan but he will woke up again. ..
Ranveer laid and closed his eyes since he felt something fishy. ..
After 2 hours the baby slept Ishani saw ranveer he was too cute to her eyes since she is also missing him carefully took the baby and make him laid in the cradle
She saw ranveer came close to him caressed his hair without disturbing him
Wat do you think Mr. Rv only you can tease me…
Ranveer slowly opened his eyes and held her close No y should I think like that. ..
Ishani with a cute anger…leave me…I thought you slept. ..
Ranveer :how can I sleep without good night kiss…
Ishani : nothing for you leave me am gonna sleep
He dint leave her at all.
Did I came close to u …no rite …
Ishani was looking at him cutely. …ranveer got a call which got distracted for both

Ishani :attend. ..your girl friend might be calling. …
Ranveer really got slight anger…he dint even try to took the phone
Ishani. .y you are doing like this now. .
She wants to make him funny was about to took the phone ranveer held her hand unfortunately call was attend
He grab her hand made Ishani to fall he came above on her
Bohat maza a a raha hai na satane main…..
Ishani :nahi
.ranveer : don’t you know how much am missing you all the night’s, ..
Ishani :oh my baby..she cutely kissed his cheeks
It was naina call she got quite annoying irritated and hung up the call

Ritika has plot a plan to bring naina back to India she was planning to talk with birthday

Precap :whole Rv mansion is getting ready for the naming ceremony all were bring their own choice of name for the cute baby

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  1. Very nice Varsha it was sooo cute I loved it very much ?

  2. Duva

    Loved it u r such such a awesome writter may god bless u with so much talents akka ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ and send me ur what’s app number with the country code please please

  3. The episode was superb….
    U R a great writer….
    Keep on writing…..
    Keep on rocking….

  4. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hii di loved the epi it was very cute and funny and pls keep the baby’s name with both their (ishveer) names only

  5. Loved Ishveer romance a lotttt

  6. Varsha1

    Hi neelam duva gayika honey thanks for the comments and luv ishveer. ..urgent name plz.

    I have decided veehaan for the baby vee from ranveer han from ishani if you guy’s have any suggestions most welcome place do comment

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