Around 3 am baby started cry after hearing ishani who was sleeping next to ranveer woke up and took the baby caressed and feed make the baby to sleep ranveer woke up rubbing his eyes asked Wat happen she carefully make the baby in cradle she knew baby will not wake up till morning. She turned towards ranveer kuch nahi you too sleep. She was about to lay ranveer signed her to come opened his arms she smiled lightly went and hugged hin rested her head in his chest .
Ranveer :ishani. ..
Ishani :hmm
Ranveer :usually all will become fat know. …but you become very lean
She raised her head saw him with cute anger Wat did you say….which means I was too fat
Ranveer :arrey nahI
Ishani : she almost moved and turned otger sidefrom him marry some one who is very lean okay. ..
Ranveer cutely hugged her from behind rested his cheeks on her cheeks
No need I want only my sunny. .
She looked at him with anger gave not minded look
He kissed her cheeks
Ishani :leave me am gona sleep
Ranveer : hmm sleep but be in my hug slowly he turned her kissed her forehead

Love you. ..
Ishani looking at him…to tease good night
Still he dint left her both slept each other embrace

Next day morning around 8 Ranveer woke up rubbing his eyes he couldn’t find ishani next to him

He saw the cradle baby was sleeping cutely he smiled and got up down moved towards wash room to fresh up

Naina called ritika and shouting like anything what you were doing ..don’t you have sense are you aware what is happening
Ritika says calm down naina give me some time
It’s very hard to manage your brother also to plot plan
Don’t worry you will get ranveer for sure

Ishani took her mobile and called dadi and nitin about she blessed with baby boy
They are so happy
Nitin thank God and smiling with tears.

Amba was sitting in the dining table ranveer came down wearing white Kurta ishani was in light weight onion pink colour saree having fruits

Amba and kailash were informed ranveer that we should plan for naming ceremony of the baby on Wednesday.

Precap: ishani wantedly make the bed for baby between her and ranveer. She was talking to the baby your papa is teasing me a lot…

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