Dadi: nitin as a father you should be advised to ishani to go back to her husband
Nitin : bua yu know my situation is never want to reveal Abt my identity to her in can’t face her at least my daughter is speaking to me when
she was in a worst situation she came to me
Dadi: tats okay at least but indirectly we should United them ranvee is really a good guy.
Nitin: okay bua even i want to see my daughter to lead a happy life what shall we do now
Dadi: I have a plan let me tell you tomorrow
Nitin: tike. ..bua ishani dint came yet let me call her
Ranveer and ishani was gazing at each other. He stands close to her in oppositierror
Ishani : do whatever you want I don’t have rights to ask yu
Ranveer : stop it ishani yu don’t even know why

I came here
Ishani:I don’t even want to know
Ranveer held her with his two hands tightly y
you are doing like this….ishani phone rang
Display it is showing as Nitin uncle
She lift the call
Nitin: wat happen beta.where are you?
Ishani : uncle woh. ..was in meeting am starting
now yu don’t worry.
Nitin : tike beta come safely
Ishani : ji bye
Ranveer who is staring at her ishani looked at
him in anger let me leave Mr. Rv
Ranveer : wait let me drop yu home
Ishani don’t want to argue so remains quite
both of them started in the car there was a
silence in the whole travelling.
Ishani asked to stop the car in the street corner she gets down.Ranveer removed his seat belt
fastly came towards her.stood in front of her.

Ishani was in a not understanding look. Cool breeze no one was in the street it was residential area Street lights were dim.

Ishani got some guts..please leave i….she dint even complete ranveer went close to her kepts
his face so close to her. …you don’t like me rite fine say me by seeing my eyes tat you don’t love me say it once ishani …she couldn’t speak she is completely lost in him. Ranveer. .y are you doing this to me your ignorance is not lesser than any bullet which can pain my heart. He was about to kiss her ishani who lost her balance becoz of ranveer closeness dropped her mobile hand disturbs both of them and brings her to conscious.
She realised and took her belongings without speaking a word started to leave.
Ranveer who was staring at her came back to and started to hotel.
Ishani reached home she dint even speak nitin also ask is she okay she replied as headache went to her room change herself in to a casual pink patiyala white short kurti lay down on the bed.she denied dinner by saying had at office.
Ranveer also laid on the bed in white Kurta after finishing talking with amba.
He was thinking about ishani. ..
Ishani was remembering the way they were closed to each other.
She is unable to sleep even ranveer couldnt sleep was standing in the balcony.Tum hi ho plays. …..

Next day morning ishani got ready and went to office.she was wearing peacock green colour saree. She went and sat in her place gave a look to ranveer cabin. It was closed

Nitin home:
Ranveer hugged dadi thank you dadi dis is enough will convince her
Nitin : take care ranveer we will be starting by evening.
Ranveer : sure Mr. Nitin

Office: ishani was typing something akshara called her for some clarification she went helping her.
Ranveer entered with his angry man avatar brown suite.he dint even smiled at any one.
Whole day he was inside he just spoke to sameer twice.dadi called ishani. .beta me and nitin were leaving to shridi yesterday we were about to say you but you were upset morning I forgot.
Ishani : dadi it’s okay let me also come with you
Dadi : array nahi beta. ..just you have joined also we will be back by tomorrow early morning I will give the key to neighbour bengali aunt you
Ishani : ji tike be safe
Nitin get the phone beta be safe…ishani : okay uncle.

Around 5:30 ranveer ask sameer to call ishani she went with doubt face y he is calling me now
Ranveer didn’t even look at her he kept a file in the table i need the presentation slides within a hour make it ready
She don’t know what to say outside every one was leaving home
Ranveer ordered sameer akshara and ishani to complete the task.
The threel has completed it by 8:30 and informed to ranveer.
Ranveer : okay you all leave.
He has informed the transportation people to arrange only one cab for akshara
All the four came down akshara and sameer are usually in same cab they went
Ishani was arguing with cab people they said all drivers have left for the day ranveer came and ask Wats the problem. And pretend to be shouting at them ask ishani to get in his car.
Ishani : no its okay let me leave
Ranveer : c even if it’s not you in would have dropped home becoz it’s the mistake of my company transport people
Ishani thought he s in anger quietly get inside the car.

Ranveer hand is full of grease car was parked in middle of main road.ishani bent and pour water from the bottle to wash hands wind blows her saree was moved away a littlehe was staring at
her stomach her milk white skin attracts him like anything he got mesmerised.

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