Ranveer reached Mumbai airport since he got jet since it was around 11 he called amba rushed towards breach candy hospital he came with a worried face before he could ask amba a nurse came and asked ishani husband.
Ranveer run towards her and asked yeah how is she?? May I see
Sharman: how is she sister
Nurse: we are trying our best could you please sign here
Ranveer got the paper and tremble to sign amba touched his shoulders and asked him to be brave
Finally he signed all were waiting in the hospital
Naina overwhelming with happiness that thinking about Ranveer will be coming to London
She bought some new western clothes

Ritika plot a plan hire some goons were waiting for tomorrow and place a guy to watch rv mansion.
Ranveer could hear ishani scream very well

He was praying to God almost his eyes got moist

After some time nurse came and told congratulations Rv it’s baby boy.

Ranveer was smiling with tears amba smiling and hugged him
Sharman and baa also were happy
Doctor came out

Ranveer : doctor may I see her??
Doctor :after half an hour
All were entered the room ishani was sleeping nurse gave the baby to Ranveer
He was overwhelming with happiness first time to carry his own child .
Amba saw Ranveer : he is exactly you. .except colour
Ranveer :haan may
Baa sharman all were looking at the baby with smile
Amba: Ranveer you go home and come back at morning
Baba also at home inform him his health is not well so he went home
Ranveer :no matter
Lakshmi with teasing tone arrey ishani will wake up at morning only
Ranveer looking at her without heart to go he leaves
Next day morning ishani slowly woke up her eyes baa came and caressed her hair amba was having the baby in her hands
Ishani slowly sat on the bed amba gave the baby to her
Ranveer entered and saw ishani with a smile she too smiled and looking at hI’m
Amba and baa started towards home since they were stayed whole night
Ranveer came and sat next to her small place puts his hands around her kissed her forehead

She smiled and said exactly looking like you by touring the baby cute nose
She looked at him Ranveer hits his forehead with her forehead you. .thank you so much
Ranveer :you know it’s boy as ur wish
Ishani :hmm ma told me holding the baby in one hand touched Ranveer cheeks
You were expecting a girl
Ranveer :hmm but I prayed for boy because you like it
Ishani rested her head in his chest thank you
Before she could complete
Ranveer :and I want a girl baby too
Ishani was smiling chaitali and krisha came Ranveer stood up.
After 2 days ishani came to home amba took arti and welcome
Parul came with krish showing the baby
All were smiling kailash was teasing amba here after you will flying. ..since she is overwhelming with happiness

Ishani went to her room rested her head sat on the bed Ranveer looks at her amba ask Ranveer to leave office

Ritika got call .a henchmen inform her that Ranveer is blessed with a baby boy he came home with ishani
Ritika fuming with anger got irritated was thinking how come they reached.

Manas reached London after finishing a meeting with client
He got call in Ranveer office number he attended the call it was Naina
Naina:hello Rv
Manas:hi naina Ji
Naina:who is this
Manas:manas actually Rv dint turned up he is in India I came on his behalf
Naina got disappointed
But it’s important deal. ..
Manas :yeah but he is blessed with baby boy
Naina got jealous formly spoke to manas hung up the call angrily

Precap: Ranveer came home after dinner he came to room amba asked Ranveer to sleep in opposite room since the baby will be crying at night shecwill sleep with ishani and ranveer showed puppy face to ishani and left.

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