It was just two more days left for ishani delivery ranveer got worried that he needs to go London later ishani and amba convinced him
He also started to pack things ishani was sitting in the bed arranging his thing’s in trolley bag ranveer got ready and came to her she closed the bag by checking everything slowly about to get down ranveer held her no need you take rest ishani : arrey am perfectly fine let me walk and be active he slowly came behind her and hugged her miss you please be take care he was resting his chin on her shoulder’s ishani touched his cheeks with her hands don’t worry I will be fine okay
Ranveer :actually am going to Delhi now and evening 7 is my flight for London manas also coming with me
Ranveer started to airport it was 3 pm at noon
All bid good bye for him

Ritika gathered all the information about ishani check up and hospital name she got ready to kill the child with her cruel madness

Around 5 of clock lakshmi called amba to near by temple but she refused by saying ishani will be alone
Ishani: arrey nahi ma Mala is there know you go and come just an hour know

Amba without a heart started moving to temple
Mala was in the kitchen brought apple juice for ishani
Naina came to know from ritika that ranveer will be coming to London as per her plan she was so excited she called sharman and inform that she will be in London for next week and rv is coming here
After hearing this sharman really got tensed and started to drive ishani home and thinking that
She will not trust him
Ishani dint drink the juice she felt something uneasy
Sharman was about to reach the home and called ishani.
Ishani got pain Mala alone was with her she got scared and don’t know what to do

By the time ishani phone rang she attend the call and said ishani is in pain
Sharman rushed towards to rv mansion and carry ishani to his car rushed to breach candy hospital in Mumbai
Mala also went with him. Informing the security

Precap :ranveer who reached Delhi airport switched on his mobile started calling ishani he was waiting for Her to lift the call he got worrried

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