Ishani called and spoke to bua and nitin they were really happy for Ishani
Amba was making ready everything for diwali since Ishani was pregnant she doesn’t do much work but today she starts doing house hold works and felt tired
Amba scolded affectionately for doing work then asked her to have dinner
She had dinner and lay on the bed she slept reading a book
Ranveer came home late amba told about ishani to him
Since he had dinner at office he went to his room saw ishani was sleeping cutely

He locked the door change himself and came laid next to her
Kissed her forehead took the book and kept aside keeping his hands on her tummy and slept

Next day morning ishani woke up and saw Ranveer close to her
She smiled and caressed his hair kissed miss you were dint even talk much yesterday
She was admiring him

Then slowly was about to get up Ranveer wake up and saw her he held her slowly hugging her without hurting

After 5 days ishveer celebrated diwali and enjoyed
Ishani and Ranveer did lakshmi puja together little crackers had sweets came to their room

Ranveer got a call from James his client from London Heathrow he has a conference next week

Ranveer got upset hearing this because he doesn’t want to leave ishani and go now just a week is left for ishani delivery

Precap :
Ritika spokes to someone in London hung up the call ..smiling vigorously let me see how you save your wife and baby

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  1. Nandana

    nice episode akka and the precap seems to be dangerous plz save them .

  2. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hii varsha nice epi. Loved ranveer caring ishani. So now ranveer has to go to london i hope he cancels his plan. Hope ishanis baby will be safe and why u posted this on ishqbazz page dear?

  3. Varsha1

    Thank you so much for all your comments no dear have updated in my page only

    1. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

      No dear not that this epi 55 is not posted on matsh serial page u can check its not there. it is posted in ishqbazz serial page

  4. Very nice Varsha keep it up ?

  5. Duva

    Loved it sry

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