As ishani got ready looked in to the mirror though she doesn’t have her matching jewellery but still look cute ranveer arrived home baa smiled at him he enters the room since ishani had tummy was unable to correct the fleets of saree he smiled removed his blazzare helped
her ishani too smiled at him he stood and hugged from behind
Ranveer : ishani. …movie chale Hain kya
Ishani :hmm get ready. .but maa asked me to
come home before 8 o clock
Ranveer : tats okay we will watch first half and return to home he smiled
Both got ready started to leave the home they reached theatre Yeh kya mujhe laga we will be watching ms Dhoni untold story but you have bought some other ticket
Ranveer: holding her hands entering the hall by seeing let’s hear my untold story about our love she hitting his shoulders playfully
It was balcony seat last she sat carefully ranveer sat next to us
Both of them looking at each other ranveer puts his hands around her arms get her more close to him both looking at each other eyes ranveer held her hand one hand kissed it
Ishani smiled. .
Ranveer :am sorryIshani. ..
Ishani kepts his hands on his lips it’s okay
Ranveer dint even looked at the screen he kissed her cheeks touched her neck slowly Ishani was looking at him…cutely what’s that untold storyou. ..ranveer raised his face and saw her
Ishani :tell me i want to hear .ranveer hugging her by aside you are only mine have you remember once you went out with college friends for movie know I wasn’t happy at all actually got jealous too becoz I always wanted you to spend time with me

Sometimes I used to think that you can never be mine .am not capable. .
Ishani touched his lips am only yours only for you
He smiled and kissed her forehead after a while Ishani felt uneasy like she can’t sit for more time she was resting her head on his shoulderside
Ishani :ranveer shall we go out. .ranveer :why Ishani are you okay
Ishani :haan but can’t sit here for moretime he slowly held her both cAme out ishani felt better now
He took her to the restaurant had some light food ishani feed ranveer with his hands
They started towards home ishani slept by resting her head on the car seat ranveer admire her
Both of them reached and ranveer wake up ishani entered the room baa ask her how is she ranveer change himself and came to bed he asked ishani. .but she denied went close to him laid next he held her more close both slept well

Sharman not reached airport
Nirbhay asked naina to go us then he also said arti needs her now she is not well he will take care of business
Naina and ritika looking at each other

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