Ranveer was about to reply her he gave call from amba went to balcony talking with her he was telling her in a lowtone maa just two days in will bring her home ?
He asked her maa do you want to talk with her let me give the phone
Amba:laughed she is not like you …she called me twice and spoke
Aur haan today she told felt so tired so don’t argue with her much
Ranveer :wah dis nice you too joined with her she is talking with you all but not too me
He hung up the call when about to enter ishani was talking over the phone with sharman since she had night cream on her hands phone was in speaker sharman was sayingabout naina and Ranveer.
Ranveer who was entering the room over heard the conversation
Ishani :bhaiya please I have already told you don’t talk about that and am feeling sleepy good nite
By keeping the phone aside she turned and saw Ranveer standing over there she saw him with silent face she went to laid on the bed.
Ranveer who came on the other side of the bed held her hands ishani. ..
Ishani :Ranveer leave my hand
Ranveer :listen just 5 minutes
Ishani :see if don’t wanna talk to you
Ranveer :ishani am sorry really sorry I didn’t mean it unknowingly I have scolded. .please talk to me for just 5 minutes
His phone rang?
Ishani who was not aware who is calling anger cum teasing tone go and talk to the person who is calling actually it was naina calls saying this she laid in the bed Ranveer who got angry

Throw the mobile near his pillow came close and held her with two hands .what’s dis ishani why are you doing like this
Ishani was about to leave from his grip all went
in vain he came very close to her
Naina got disappointed by hearing the call was left unanswered she went to sleep
Ranveer kept his face close to ishani face …dekho ishani I accept that I was wrong but please don’t do too much
Ishani :it’s you never trust me how many

times I have told about tat ritika you never trusted me even now you are doing the same
Leave me alone. ..rite I have left you alone be happy

Ranveer :stop it ishani ….
Ishani :I dint said you only told me again ranveer phone got rang ishani looking at him angrily saw his mobile he left his grip with full anger he lift the call and scolded naina like anything don’t you have common sense you do you calling me at this late night can’t you understand am busy with my family ishani was scared by seeing his anger he kept the phone aside angrily his hand was hitted with the wood stand got scratched ishani immediately took his hands saw slightly blood was coming she was about to rush get down from the bed he held her and asked where is the first she showed a cupboard he went and took came he was about to do it himself she grabbed and done first aid though it was slightly scratches blood was peering out like any the she cleaned and put band aid ranveer was lookingat her she slowly getting down and went wash room clean her hands washed and came to the bed
While washing she was thinking her ignorance only making him to get more anger
Ranveer :held her hands am sorry I troubled you at this late night
You sleep and take rest

Precap:ishani :by touching his cheeks why you are getting this much anger…Ranveer touched her hands. .don’t know ishani woh. …

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