Ishani smile and saw him then drifted to sleep
Next day morning she woke up and saw ranveer was sleeping well she was about to caresse his hair then she took it back later she went to washroom and freshup herself she wear a dark meroon colour saree which was given by amba through the driver she came out and saw baa asked about krish he was playing with his toys
Ranveer woke up and saw next to him he couldn’t find ishani later he was called amba asked dress for two days. After an hour driver came and knocked the door ishani opened and got the dresses gave it to pratik asked him to give to ranveer. He went and gave to ranveer.ranveer in thoughts she is doing too much. Let me see how long she will be like this he got ready and came out baa with a smile offered him a breakfast chaitali too he had hybrid seeing ishani who was playing with krish she too glance at him when he was not looking at her. He left to office started with his routine
Ishani had lunch and slept at noon 3 of clock

By evening 4 ranveer came home he saw baa chaitali and mitesh at home in hall were chatting watching an old Hindi movie. Before he could ask chaitali told him that ishani is sleeping.
He slowly entered the room removed his black blazzare saw her she was cutely sleeping on the bed with krish. Keeping her hands on him.
Ranveer went and sat on the other side half an hour he was just admiring her later he got call from puneet had some important client meeting tomorrow early morning.
He too felt tired slept next to krish ishani woke up around 5:30 saw krish and then got shocked by seeing ranveer later she fresh up herself and went to hall she felt sweating in her foot and very fragile she insisted baa and went for walk so that she could avoid ranveer he woke by 6 at the time manas came and took krish with him ranveer came out searching and asked about ishani chaitali has informed that she went to temple they came back at 8 in the mean time ranveer was working with his laptop all had dinner at 8:30 manas was about to go ishani interupted and ask krish she will make him to sleep with her baa interrupted and said no because it will disturb her sleep all retired to their rooms she sat on her bed was taking her pills jug was empty when he was about to get down ranveer gave her water.she denied by saying no let me take it ranveer really got angry this time he told in a raised tone bacha mera bhi hai. She looked at him angrily took the water from his hands.

Today only you remembered it…she replied
Naunton reached home with frustrating mood ritika ask her what happened she said about ranveer behaviour he is leaving home early nowadays unable to spend time with him

Precap: sharman was talking with ishani since she had night cream lotion on her hands she put it on speaker he talked about naina and ranveer. .unfortunately ranveer overheard it

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