Ishani started speaking over the phone to sharman he was asking wheather she had food or not.
While ranveer was removing his coat and tie
Ishani hung up the call by saying gud nyt bhaiya

When she turned and kept the phone near by night lamp ranveer held her hands he came close to her she gave angry look to him
Ishani:leave my hand in don’t want to talk with you
Ranveer : with naughty smile even if don’t .I need to talk to my daughter
By seeing him in anger she went and laid in the bed
Turned other side
Ranveer came and laid next to her touched her stomach
Ishani :ranveer. …stop it stay away from me
Tats what you want know
Ranveer : I have already told you know gonna talk with my beti
Ishani : she looked at him angrily. .don’t be over smart
She was about to turn
Ranveer held her more close slowly looking at her she was unable to leave from his grip
Turned her face other side.
Ranveer :sorry ishani. .plz listen to me

She dint even reply
Started raining outside heard thunder sound she saw the windows were opened she leave his grip get down and closed the windows when she turned ranveer stood opposite to her
She came and sat on the bed ranveer sat next to her
It was very cold ishani turned off the ac and laid on the bed
Ranveer was looking at her …ishani. really sorry I really don’t know why am getting this much Anger tats y
.ishani closed her eyes ..dint even reply
Ranveer after thinking. ..fine let me leave …if you don’t wish to talk.
He was about to get up..she held his hands…it’s raining outside
Leave in the morning. .sleep and let me also sleep. When she was about to turned another side.he slowly held her hands. Came close to her
Ranveer : sorry ishani plz… can scold me or else beat me
Ishani : I don’t know that and all
You came to talk with your beti only know
Ranveer : with a smile. …he hit her forehead hmm my wife too. ..plz ab toh gussa chod dho. .I promise you

Ishani :hogaya let me sleep. .she covered herself with blanket
Ranveer :if you dint forgive me if will go out in the rain. He was about to get up
She held his hands
Ishani :wat you are thinking. .I can’t come behind you if you go out often you are forgetting tat am pregnant. .
Ranveer came close to her.. then forgive me know ….
Ishani was looking at him
His phone rang. ..which he kept next to bed it was naina
Ranveer without interest lift the call ..she was talking about business. ..wantedly finally he hung up the call and saw ishani slept.
With disappointed face he went and kissed her forehead. Laid next to her
Ishani who was actually awake saw him he was closing his eyes turned and slept well.


Ranveer woke up saw next to him ishani was not there. ..he took his mobile called amba

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