As amba advise the driver he went and gave some reports and medicine to ishani
Ranveer got ready came down he saw amba talking over the phone in dining table
Amba:haan beta call me once the check up is
Ishani:ji ma sharman bhaiya is with me donto worry
Amba hung up the call and said to lakshmi today ishani check up

Ranveer heard this and came towards her maa ishani called you. .
Amba:with out seeing him haan toh
Ranveer: how many times I have called her…she dint even lift ..
Amba:y should she???
She is pregnant. .you don’t even remember tat

and scolded.
Ranveer :maa I accept it was wrong but you are
completely on your bahu side
Amba:I don’t know. .wat you will do bring her home soon
He started to hospital stuck in traffic

By the team he reached ishani came out with
sharman both were facing with each other she was looking cute in orange saree with braided hairstyle
Sharman saw him with angry ishani turned her
face before Ranveer could speak
Sharman:ishani stay here …let me bring the car
Ishani :haan bhaiya
Ranveer got some guts slowly came towards
her isha…ishani y u r doing like this how many times I have called you come on let’s go home.
Ishani:wat am doing. …am following ur words have said know leave me alone just go
away. ..

Be happy without me..
Ranveer:isha. .
Sharman interrupted. ..ishani chalo he opened
the door for her carefully sit in the car sharman gave not minding look to Ranveer. .
He left ishani at home started to office.
Ranveer also reached his office he was unable
to work.
Whole day he was upset
Ranveer looks at ishani photo.
Around 4o clock sharman came home got ready
was packing things he informed baa am leaving to Delhi for some work. Tc of ishani. Have informed manas too.

Baa said okay.naina came to see rv
Before she could speak she got call from sharman.
He informed her that he is leaving Delhi
Ranveer heard their conversation and got to know sharman is not at home
He got an idea immediately he stood up from his chair asked naina is there anything important? ?? I mean you can check with manas he is handling the project

Naina : no I just came
Ranveer :if you don’t mind. .I need to leave it’s a
nice emergency he left out of the cabin Naina got upset
Ranveer was driving towards ishani home he reached and pressed the calling bell baa has opened the door

Precap: ishani who was playing with Krish got shocked by seeing ranveer

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