Engagement Ceremony Starts parul was getting ready amba and lakshmi were making her ready later kailash was greeting the guests
Ishani got ready in front of the mirror she was smiling by touching her tummy she looked so gorgeous in peach colour saree ranveer who was sitting in the couch saw her then came hugged her from behind nuzzle her neck
Ishani :slightly pushing him leave me let me go and see parul
Ranveer :ma and maasi hain na be with me for some time
Ishani :seeing his cute puppy face came near and kissed his cheeks took her phone from the table left the room
She went to see parul. .lakshmi alone was there she took parul mobile went down Ishani was with parul just giving touch up to her

Parul was not happy and worried Ishani was sitting with her some of the guest came amba called Ishani so she went down slowly parul was walking in her room later she saw Ishani mobile she took and called manas
Since manas was with Krish he dint attend the call krish had cold
Baa was with him
Sharman entered the house

Parul kept on calling him. Lakshmi and Ishani amba too entered with some tilak taali by seeing them parul kept Ishani mobile in silent since she knew her mobile password was ranveer she unlocked it easily.
Amba asked parul to come down she innocent ly kept the mobile in bed
Ishani with out knowing anything took her mobile went down

Ranveer was looking at Ishani she looks so cute with her little tummy.

Ceremony started. ..
Manas saw his mobile after making krish calm
He gave him to baa
Manas:baa Ishani gave 10 missed calls don’t know what happened
Sharman got shocked hearing this started calling her since her phone was in silent she dint attend
They got worried decided to go rv mansion
Aman put the ring in parul hands all were happy

When parul was about to put
Manas baa and Sharman entered the home by seeing him parul put the finger down on the floor went and hugged manas and krish

All were shocked by seeing this Aman mother got embarrassed before relatives
Shouted that we will leave immediately
Ranveer got angry. .lakshmi angrily held parul went inside amba followed them.
Kailash :manas y you came here
Beta. .you knew very well know

Manas :uncle really sorry I got missed call from Ishani
Ishani was shocked and confused main. ..nahi I don’t call
Manas:Ishani look here showing his mobile we worried tat some thing happened to you tats y we came also you dint lift the call
Ishani nodded as no.
Ranveer got angrily came took manas phone and saw turned to Ishani kyun kiya Ishani tumne I have told you know dis should not happen
Thinking that you are favouring parul u spoiled her life
You will never listen to me know always you will decide
Dis is wat you have did before.
By deciding yourself left me for that ritika
Ishani :ranveer. .please suno

He was not ready to listen jerked her hands by hitting the carpet Ishani was about to fall
Ranveer :just stop it happy now by calling ur whole family
Sharman got angry thinking about naina and words
Stop it ranveer to hide all your faults don’t blame my sister

Ranveer :you better don’t interfere between me and my wife
Ishani :bhaiya please. .saying this touched ranveer shoulders. ..

Ranveer angrily leave me alone just go away…he climbed and went to study room.
Sharman forcely called Ishani baa too called her
Kailash :y you always hurting him Ishani. ..
Ishani :baba please main ..I dint do anything
All were left Ishani was standing alone. Sharman touched her shoulders carefully taken her to parking area.

Mala rushed to parul room and said Ishani so going seems she only called manas
Parul got shocked by hearing amba confused and stood near her
Parul shouted. .oh no turned to amba maasi am sorry woh maa took my phone so I only called manas from bhabi mobile
Mala in sudden tone. ..par bhaiya scolded bhabi tats y she is leaving

Amba seeing lakshmi. .oh no she is pregnant how can we leave her she rushed towards parking area Ishani was standing near Sharman car with tears.
Amba: Ishani beta I knew every thing u dint do anything pls come home
Ishani with tears. ..nahi maa ranveer is not trusting me
Baa :don’t worry amba let her be with me for few days
She started to baa home with Sharman

PRECAP: amba was telling ranveer y you are getting dis much anger beta Ishani dint do anything
Parul entered with dull face interrup sorry bhaiya I only used bhabi mobile
Ranveer was shocked and kept his hand on head

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