Amba held ishani hand and said beta if you want call sharman and baa to home
Ishani :arrey it’s okay ma thnq gud nyt may
Amba: gud nyt beta
She slowly climbed the stairs entered the room ranveer was not there
She took pink butterfly heeram white tshirt went for change
Ranveer entered and locked the room he heard water splashing sound in washroom came and laid in the bed

Ishani came out wIping her face with towel saw ranveer slowly sat on the bed turn on night lamp went close to him kissed his cheeks
He smiled and turned towards her she laid on the bed slowly came close and moved her hair from her face
Ranveer :happy today…
Ishani :hmm sorry I really don’t know that they all will come after asking you and maa then only I have informed them
Ranveer :it’s okay Ishani will go tomorrow. .
Ishani :hmm sure. .she smiled
Ranveer :maa was telling while dinner. .baa were calling you to stay there for a week.
He asked her with his puppy face do you really want to go
Ishani (in her thoughts ) wants to play with him
Haan ranveer.
Ranveer face has changed. .
By seeing his face reaction she burst into laughter. .oh my baby.was just kidding
I can’t stay away from u she hugged him he was smiling hugging her
Ranveer :kissed her forehead. Both were looking at each other.
Ishani :I thought you were angry
Ranveer :for what
Ishani :we dint went out know ..Also u were not casual I knew some difference between you and bhaiya

Ranveer : woh. not anger and all I was possessive Ishani.
I knew it they are your family but still my heart says dis you are only mine.
Ishani :saw him through way
He said speaking am only yours ranveer. .

Both smiled and driftEd to sleep
Ranveer kept his hand on Ishani tummy.
Ritika revealed her plan
Pretend in front of shaman that you and ranveer are having an affair.
Naina:will it make sense
Ritika:do what I say
Naina:okay .

Next day morning at dining table
Amba and Lakshmi were saying parul engagement just after a week but strict order to Ishani you should not do any work

All were happy but parul was looking dull
Ishani noticed it
Ranveer left for office.
Ishani spoke to parul she too told her every thing that she wants to be with Krish
Ishani promised to paruul she will talk to ranveer about this but the decision will be ranveer and Lakshmi maasi

Manas got a call from parul but he didn’t lift it.
Baa was happy for Ishani she kept on telling to share and that at least for a week she should be here.

Naina at office saw sharman at cafeteria took her phone pretend like she is talking with ranveer.
Nsina wanted lyrics walked besides him like she is on phone
Naina: I knew will say like this d way you are talking in office and at home is different v
Still i can’t forget that party night
Sharman got really suspicion about rv with anger

Naina watching sharman like a puppets she did whatever ritika told her

Ranveer came home he was about to change took his clothes
Ishani held his hand and talked about parul
Ranveer got little angry but he didn’t showed to ishani
Kept his hands on her shoulderson
Nof ishani manas doesn’t have intention at all and she said not clear about her future
He discussed with lakshmi maasi they decided to make her engagement
And ask parul to move on in her life

1 week was good normal for ishveer but ranveer was busy with office works


Engagement day ishani was in peach saree gujrati model. Ranveer in white sher waning
Ceremony starts.

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