Next morning Ranveer started to office ishani weared meroon stone studded light saree she spent whole day with amba
Around 4:30 when she was stitching a sweater in wollen light blue colour sitting in the bed

Ranveer informed manas to take care of naina project
Later he started to home
He reached climb the stairs entered the room he saw ishani was keenly looking in to the needle
He came and sat next to her she raised her head and smile looking at her hand

Ranveer :ishani. ..nice 1 but make it in pink colour know
Ishani :Ranveer. …don’t you know pink for girls tats you blue
Ranveer : tats wat make it pink becoz. .I knew it’s gonna be my beti. ..
Ishani :no way ..mera beta. ..becoz I want chota Ranveer. …
Ranveer :but I want chotiii ishani
Both smiled he hit his forehead with her
Ishani :Ranveer. …if it’s a boy wat you will do…
Ranveer. …hmm I will love him also and will plan for my beti. ….too..
Both laughed. ..and hugged each other.
Ranveer :get ready…we will go out also can come early ma will not allow you to be out at late night
Ishani :hmm okay

Both got fresh up got ready. ..Ranveer arranged her saree fleets then saw her and kissed her stomach above the saree wher her navel fair skin was visible on the meroon saree.
She smiled at him…
He kissed her cheeks. .too.
Both came down happily to hall.
Baa sharman chaitali krisha came with krisha.
Baa:ishani. .
She too smiled and about to take her blessingso baa held her
Then all greeted her sharman gave her fruits. .Orange from nagpur tumhare favourite hain name
Ishani :thank you bhaiya
He touched ishani head smiled Ranveer was looking at them
She asked them to sat
Amba came and gave light smile
Baa:sorry amba we dint inform that we are coming
Amba :array it’s okay
Chaitali :ishani I was so happies take care
Ishani :thank you kaki
She got krish from krisha.
All were talking Ranveer got blessings from baa excused by saying have some work moved to study room
He was looking at ishani from the pillar ishani was sitting between baa and sharman
Sharman caressed her hair asking about her health ishani made krish to sit on her lap playing with him and replied to sharman
Amba offered them for dinner but sharman denied
Mala has called Ranveer informing that they are leaving
He came down all started to leave ishani bid farewell to them
Amba and lakshmi ISHVEER started to have dinner.

Naina was standing in the balcony ritika came and ask her wat happened

Naina:Ranveer will not handle my project he gave it to manas saying that he had to spend some time with family

Ritika :chill yaar

I have plot the plan already now come and have food
She nodded and went inside.


Ranveer was lying on the bed turning other side
Ishani who was laid on the bed went close to him kissed his cheeks he turned and smiled ask her….happy today???

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