Ishani was sitting in the bed she was taking her tablet dropped it on the floor
Ranveer came and took it gave to her she smiled and sat next to her
She had tablet
Ranveer hugged her so close
Ishani : Ranveer. ….
Ranveer : thank you Ishani. …you know what really I am the most luckiest man in the world
Becoze you are mine

Ishani : am always yours. .Ranveer
Ranveer :love you Ishani. you so much
Ishani :love you too ranveer
Both slowly came out of the hug
Ishani cupped his cheeks Ranveer. ..Wat happen
Ranveer : Ishani I heard ur conversation with sharman actually last night naina got fainted tats y I dropped her home.
Ishani :it’s okay Ranveer. …no need to say
Ranveer : no Ishani
By saying this he told her everything whatever happened and how naina is behaving

Ishani came close to him nahi Ranveer.I always trust you
No one can separate us

He kissed her forehead.
The baby kicked her ouch…Ranveer
Ranveer :kya hua Ishani
Ishani took his hands and kept it on her soft belly
Ranveer felt it was great feeling he held her more close
Both were smiling then he too laid next to her.

Had a nap at noon.

Evening Ranveer took Ishani for a walk in the garden
Both came spent good time with each other
At night Ishani was changed herself in to red satin nighty came to bed Ranveer came and hugged her
Ishani : Ranveer do you know what you can’t hug me after some days
Ranveer : with shocking face….kyun. .
Ishani : bursting in to laughter…..arrey c my stomach how will you hug me
Ranveer with a light smile. …hmm by saying it he hugged from behind. It’s okay let me hug you like this
She pinched his nose you are so cute Ranveer.
He took her slowly in his arms made her lay on the bed

He too laid next to her
Ishani :Ranveer. ….
Ranveer :hmm
Ishani : tomorrow you have office know. .
Ranveer :hmm yes Ishani. ..he held more close but I will come early
Ishani raised her face and saw him ..Realy .
Ranveer :hmm
Ishani :then shall we go to marine drive
Ranveer :sure baby
Ishani :kissed his chins love you
Ranveer : kept his face more close love you too…
Both slept well.

Next day morning Ishani informed baa about her pregnancy sharman chaitali all were happy

Naina was disappointed by hearing manas will take care of her project.

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  1. Very Varsha the episode was lovely it was sooo cute eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

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    Nice episode akka and happy to know that ranveer had said all the things to ishaani ….

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    Loved it soooo much

  5. Duva

    Loved it soooo much How r u no words to express

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    Varsha all ur ff are just so lovely but this is super best and super lovely .i loved each and every scene, it gave us so lovely message that trust is most imp. in any relationship. Happy to know that our ishveer trust eachother so much and this was one of ur best epi. Loved all ishveer cute scenes. Keep writing such more and more

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