Ranveer reached home very late due to dushera first he got in traffic finally he reached by 11:30 he saw amba and lakshmi chatting in the call
Amba:Ranveer kya hua beta you are very late tat too on Saturday
Ranveer :haan ma stuck with some work
Amba : we called you 20 times ishani was worried a lot
Ranveer : took and saw his mobile sorry I kept in silent wen I was in meeting after that went for cocktail party of business partner
Amba : it’s okay come have food
Ranveer : nahi maa I had
Amba: tike ishani slept becoz of tired.
Ranveer :okay maa

All retired to their room
Ranveer came inside the room and closed the door he saw ishani sleeping in orange saree she
dint even change and mobile was in her hand Ranveer slowly came and took the mobile he was about to keep it he saw his name she was calling him and slept.he smiled and change
himself came laid next to her slowly kept his hand on her tummy
Both slept in each other embrace.
Ritika :naina who is he????
Naina:my project assistant kyun
Ritika : arrey he is ishani bhai he will suspect everything
Naina : what
Ritika: haan he hates Ranveer
Don’t worry we will plot a plan and make ishani to leave Ranveer
Both smiled at each other wickedly
Next day morning ishani woke up and rubbed her eyes she saw Ranveer hand on her tummy slowly got up and caressed his hair. .you know
how much I missed you yesterday.
She kissed his forehead went for bath and came down in dark violet transparent screen with golden blouse came to hall

Mala informed amba and lakshmi went to temple
She was arranging breakfast

Ishani started to cut fruits she got a call from sharman she saw the display and lift the call
Sharman : hello ishani
Ishani :hi bhaiya how are you

Sharman : ishani bahar aajao
Ishani slowly got up and came out
Sharman standing in the entrance she smiled
and came to him
Ishani :bhaiya kaisemail Hu
Sharman :tike Hu tum
Ishani : bohat achi Hu come inside bhaiya

Sharman :nahi I need to say you an important thing
Ishani : kya hua bhaiya
Sharman :Ranveer is cheating you
Ishani :bhaiya
Sharman :listen to me ishani
Ranveer woke up saw next to him ishani was not there he went and fresh up himself and came down
He asked Mala where is ishani
Bhabi went out bhaiya near by entrance
Ranveer came out he saw sharman with ishani
Sharman :ishani I saw him with naina last night tat too in her flat at 11
Still you trust him have you gone mad
Ranveer really got anger he was about to go heard ishani reply
Ishani :bhaiya pls if you don’t trust him leave itwhatever you saw tat may not be true and I don’t want to listen anything
Sharman :do you think I will say lie
Ishani :nahi bhaiya you can’t say lie at all at the same time ranveer cannot do like tar
Sharman :you are really gone mad
Ishani :let it be. .am mad only I thought my
bhaiya came to see me only but no …he came to complaint about my husband
Sharman :take care. .am leaving
Ishani nodded as yes turned walked towards the
Ranveer was smiling with tears (in thoughts )I dint even told her Wat happen last night but still she trust me

Tum hi ho BGM plays….
She came and saw Ranveer
Ishani :Ranveer you woke up

Ranveer :hmm
He was looking at her. ..ishani :aise kya dekh
rahi Hu

Ranveer :kuch nahi
By the time amba and lakshmi came
Asked Ranveer and ishani y they are in entrance
Ishani :kuch nahi maa aise hi
All had breakfast ishani was in hall only spent time with family
After lunch only she came to rooms

PRECAP: Ranveer hugging ishani…you know ishani am the most luckiest person in the world
Because you are Minee.

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