Ranveer and ishani was sleeping in the bed since ishani felt thirsty she woke up and drink water she saw ranveer mobile vibrating with texts and call it was from naina before she took mobile call was hung up she saw ranveer who was sleeping calmly later she kept the mobile on table she went to the washroom. Ranveer turned and kept his hand on the bed he couldn’t find ishani so he woke up ishani came.
Ranveer :kya hua. …are you okay now??
Ishani : hmm am fine
She was shivering he held her more closel with the blankets
Next day morning both started to Mumbai reached home
Amba lakshmi and parul were happy to see them later she has given the gifts which she brought for them.

1 month and 20 days it’s spinned well since naina mother was not well she went to home was working from there.
Ranveer spent hardly time with ishani. He was busy with his office works
Ishani spoke to nitin and dadi over the phone. Dey were missing her
She also met baa in siddhi vinayak mandir gave the shawl which he brought for her from kashmir
Parul wedding was planned to fixed with aman who is also stock broker but she is not happy about it
Naina Mumbai she went to rv office he was in the meeting naina was admiring him li
ke anything later they discussed about some design and plans

She was happy to spent time with him.
Evening when ranveer was about to leave she came and knock the door she insist that she is not clear about the design cost exposure he said let’s discuss she said let’s talk in cafeteria

They discussed ranveer explain all her queries
She started asking him personal questions
Ishani who was about to come down …got fainted in the well Amba and parul some how sprinkle the water on her face took her to the room
Mala called ranveer. …
Ranveer lift the call and got shocked by hearing this he excused naina rushed to home.
Naina was totally disappointed by this behaviour

Parul called the doctor she was checking ishani. ..
Ishani :day before yesterday I felt vomiting becoz of custard milk
Yesterday was very tired

Doctor; after checking took her hands check the pulse with a light smile. .
Nothing to worry congratulations Mrs vaghela you are pregnant
All were so happy. ..Amba was in cloud nine
She and lakshmi were greeting each other kailash also happy hearing this
When ishani was about to take blessing both held her saying no
Parul bid gudbye to doctor again went to room Amba asked Mala to prepare sweetsome she left to kitchen
All were chatting with ishani
Ranveer entered with tensed face climbing staircase went to his room came towards. .water happen ishani
Lakshmi maasi wants to tease him so he pinched his ears all becoz of you only
Amba with a smile aarey leave my son
..dhikra it’s a good news we will have a new guest in our home….by saying this she left to kitchen
Lakshmi and parul also left with kailash
Ishani was smiling with shy..ranveer slowly came and next to her. She hugged him he was so happy slowly came out of the hug both were hitting foreheads

Ranveer :love you ishani. ..thank you…
Ishani :love you too ranveer
Both were smiling with each other in really got worried when I heard you got fainted amba enter the room with milk in a glass gave to ishani and said…beta don’t tell anyone nazar lag Jay give
Ishani nodded as haan maa

After a while ishani was in hall ranveer decorated their room with l baby pics most of themy ere girls with baloons and ribbons

After dinner all went to their room ishani was about to climb the stairs ranveer held her hand. .slowly
Ishani :ranveer now okay only…she was smiling to him
Both entered the room she was so happy by seeing the pics and decors
She hugged him
Both went and sat in the bed she dinto change she was in light brick red saree ranveer switched off the lights sat next to her he kept his hands on her tummy above the saree ishani smile and rested her head on her shoulderson b
Ranveer :am so happy ishani today…
Ishani :me too
He kissed her forehead.
She slowly laid in the bed ranveer held her more close to him with comfortable

Precap : naina was sitting in the couch she heard door knock sharman came ritika got shocked by seeing him from the kitchen

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