Ranveer were hitting his forehead with ishani they wrapped themselve with blanket
Ishani :in a low tone…y you are getting anger this much…
Ranveer :don’t know ishani. ..but if you are near me am okay but…
Ishani : touched his cheeks am always yours…
Ranveer : hmm promise me…you should never leave me also will not do this stupid sacrifice if you leave me again I will die..she kept her fingers on his lips please don’t say …she got tears in her eyes. He held her more close to him
Ishani :ranveer. …whom you like most….
Ranveer :you and maa. .don’t yu know this
Ishani :I knew….

Ranveer : hmmm he kissed her nose
Ishani : she giggled tomorrow we will be leaving to hotel know. .
Ranveer :haan ishani
Ishani :ranveer. ..hmm y you dint told me tat u r loving me I mean you thought am money minded ..
Ranveer :nahi ishani. ..somewhere in my heart i knew will get ur love one day but…I was not ready to express might be becoz of my inferiorit yet
Ishani :who was listening calmly. ..even i kept on asking you who is that to you know cupped his cheeks said sorry…

Ranveer:it’s okay ishani not your mistake
He hugged her closely.
They shared some lovely moments

Naina checked ranveer Wats app ..he kept the pic which dey took in boat simply cute
She got more jealous ..rested herself and thinking about the plan

Sharman was working with Naina he was thinking about Naina inform the tie up with rv which he don’t like at all

Baa: playing with krisha
Over hears devarsh and krisha fight

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