As ranveer made ishani lay on the bed came close to her she held him and said her leave me am gonna sleep.

You dint allow me to sleep whole night she cutely laid on the bed turned other side ranveer went close hugged her from behind she smiled but dint show it to ranveer both were talking and had nap at afternoon around 5 :15 ranveer woke up saw ishani was sleeping in his chest.he got up from the bed was fresh up himself and came he called guide he told they can roam the lake in another small boat around 6:30 he was talking near by the windows

Ishani also woke up she saw herself then went and fresh up as ranveer already told her dey are going out evening she changed herself in to a meroon black combination saree she was making herself ready ranveer came inside due was soo gorgeous in saree she dint mind him went and took her mobile he came grabbed her mobile kept it on the table also kept his mobile too 3 hrs only you and me no disturbance okay…she smiling at his cute behaviour took a black shawl he wear his jacket started towards another boat
It was small boat they sat next to each other the one who drives the boat cannot see them it becomes dark and the climate was so chill they hold each other hand took fotos

Ranveer held her close to him both were chatting she rested her head on his shoulders both have enjoyed beautiful scenic of the lake
Ranveer :I love you….ishani she made her wear diamond ring in that ring it was stones like R
.with heart she smiled and said it’s lovely will never remove it.
He was looking at her ishani in a low tone…it’s very cool know.. haan ishani.
C your nose its like red tomato. ..he was teasing her
Both were gazing at each other shared an eye lock ranveer kissed her cheeks.
Ishani:am feeling hungry ranveer
Ranveer :abhi. ..
Ishani :haan evening also dint had anything
She was showing her puppy facentre after a while they reached the boat where they stayed had dinner
In the mean while naina has called ranveer really regarding official since he kept it inside she got upset

Ranveer and ishani came to their room ishani was removing bangles her neck chain
Ranveer turn on the night lamp came and took ishani in his hands ..ishani : wat are you doing leave me
Ishani : ranveer. ..he kept his hands on her lips
Let me change. ..
He dint allowed her tat was the time punnet called him
He lift the call by holding ishani in another hand
Was talkingto him regarding the deal ishani was unable to move since he tighten his grips
Once he hung up the call came close to her ..still angry on me…hmm
He kissed her forehead. ..if you are not near me I will be in worst situation my mind will not do anything proper..and..all I need is you

She slowly give up and said in a low tone ..but please reduce ur anger…
He touched his beard on the cheeks shared an eye lock he moved her saree nuzzling his neck kissed her cleavage ..she touched his shirt started opening his shirt button he smiled went near her ears …my sunny has come teasing her
He untied the knot of her blouse removed it and kept on the floor
Naina was sitting opposite to ritika
Listen you have three months try your best to kspend time with ranveer in office
And I will plot every thing aso perfect to you don’t stay here moved to single bhk flat tell him tat you are staying alone.
As of now this is okay we will see the rest later

Baa: manas why you are coming very late
Manas:baa actually ranveer went out of station tats y
Baa:y where is he
Manas:he went to kashmir with ishani. ..Baa
Baa: oh Acha hai you go and have food
Sharman heard this

Ranveer : promise me …you will never leave me and will not do these stupid sacrifices if you leave me again, I will definitely di. ..ishani kept finger on his lips. ..please don’t say he held her more close laid next to her.

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