Next day morning ishani woke up and saw herself was searching her dresses finally she took it from the floor wear it and went to wash room fresh up herself came out wearing salwar white with silver combination light stones …she got herself ready …knock on the door waiter bought kashmirI tea with jug and two mugs
She got it and kept it in the table she went near ranveer and saw he sleeping

She came out of the room climb the stairs came down she saw some antique clothes and jewels exhibition she went back to her room and came down with a purse.

She went inside the exhibition started buying things for amba kailash parul also shawl for baa she totally forget the time.

Ranveer woke up and saw next to him ishani was not there he rubbed his eyes took his dress from the floor wear itgot down from the bed searched ishani in wash room outside of their room he got worried dialled her number her phone was inside

He really got tensed came down by the steps ask the kitchen people who work there…they replied no later he ask waiter he informed him she was there while he came to give tea.
Ishani finished her shopping came out with the bags..she was returning to her room.
Ranveer was searching her another side..she went to her room the maid who was cleaning the corridor saw ishani as she went inside…maid came down and saw ranveer near the exhibition told him I saw u r wife going inside the room he rushed towards the room
Ishani kept all the bags in the bed was searching ranveer when she was about to turn ranveer entered saw her with a relief and got anger….
Ishani :ranveer you woke up
Ranveer :where you went…tat too dis early morning can’t you inform me and go..
Was searchin you do u have any idea how much I was worried. ..don’t have you sense
Ishani :ranveer. ..listen woh. ..
Ranveer :Wat I have to listen…dis is not new to you. .u always keep doing it leaving me and going without informing me later you will say everything is becoz of me….
You left me tats y tat ritika took advantage in my life…he was scolding her like anything. ..she remains silent seeing the floor her eyes were moist a guy from exhibition came as give short hand made kashmir jute hand bag to ishani. ..mam yout were asking this colour know you said u r mother in laws favourite colour we got it so I just came to give it.

Ranveer was seeing she went and got it from him with a light smile came and kept it in the bed
Now ranveer realised and kept hand in his forehead ishani went and sat in the bed silently she got a call from amba
Amba:hello ishani
Ishani:hello maa
Amba:both jewellery were nice beta I saw in wats app but second one was so good buy tat one

Ishani: it’s okay may I have bought both for you..
Amba: arrey y beta
Ishani :no ma you like it know
Ranveer heard their conversation entered the washroom
Amba asked about ranveer as ishani inform him he is in wash room she hung up the call
Ishani kept the mobile and sat silently…by facing the other side
Ranveer came out with blue t-shirt saw ishani went and sat next to her she dint even look to him
He slowly hugged her she was about to get up he dint leave tighten his grip…
Ranveer in a low tone….sorry ishani as I woke up you are not here Wat I will think…I thought I have lost you again
Ishani remains quiet
Ranveer :ishani please…..see her he held her chin am really sorry you knew about me …plz …listenot to me
Ishani;:leave me you are always right… am only doing everything wrong
Ranveer was worried then slowly he turned her she was crying wiped her tears and hugged her ishani please he convinced her she showed the gifts he bought for everyone. ..they had lunch since they had cute fight at morning had tea only
After lunch ishani was sitting in the bed reading book ranveer laid his head on her lap playing games
His mobile got rang it clearly shows naina he saw ishani she was reading I too had a love story….book ranveer dint wish to lift the call he turn off his mobile kept aside saw ishani. ..took the book from her hand enough reading
She got cute anger ranveer give it back it was really interesting. ..
Ranveer was playing with her made her lay on the bed

Devarsh saying chaitali. .ishani is wit ranveer she is happywell settled

Krisha over hears this .baa also listening like as if she is not aware of it

Precap: Ritika:keep this plan confidential naina you should not reveal it to her brother also

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