Ishani woke up and saw Ranveer was not there she checked wash room took her mobile came to balcony started dialled his number he hugged her from behind

Ishani :where you went…he gave her beautiful flower bouquet.she smiled written as for my lovely wife
Ranveer :go fresh up and come we are going out to room
She went to washroom

Mumbai :
Amba :lakshmi why parul looks dull is she okay
Lakshmi : arrey kuch nahi moti behen. .
They started talking ishani called me last nite..dey reached

Punnet was talking with naina and other team member
Naina asked him is there any idea when Ranveer will be back ..
Next Monday mam
Ranveer and ishani both roamed and enjoyed a lot two days he Was extremely happy to be with ishani all the time

Wednesday eveningishani was cute in her black Jean peach colour top she woke up and saw Ranveer was packing a bag ..
Ishani : sleepy tone what you doing Ranveer. …
Ranveer :we are going out and it’s a surprise come fresh up …
Ishani : hmmmm she went and came after half an hour
Both started in the cab she was looking out
Ranveer hold her hand in hand.
They got down in the dal lake Ranveer called someone he came and wish them took them to the boat house

It was luxurious cute boat house…
Ishani loved it soo much dey showed the room and left Ranveer kept the bag in their bed room ishani moved the curtains of the window. .
Ishani :beautiful. …
Ranveer :hugged from behind rested his chin on her shoulder’s. ..Not more than you
She smiled and turned to him
He took her and gave the gift box to her…wear this tonight
She opened and saw it was beautiful skirt and top black skirt and brick red tops..
He went to fresh up himself came out of the room was watching the lake view ishani was
changing herself and in open hair wear small studs with one anklet of black crystal

She came out called Ranveer. ..
He turned and saw lost himself in her she was looking damn cute ..he slowly came close to her maid called them for dinner it was candle light arrange on the open roof top
Both had traditional kashmiri veg foods. ..ishani feed Ranveer with her hands he just licked her fingers…
He went to wash his hands ishani was drinking hot coffee. .
While he was washing he got a call from naina
He dint lifted it coz an hour ago he got text in what’s app which was unusual for him .

Ishani also finished her coffee started walking with Ranveer came to the room.

Again naina called him Ranveer saw his mobile ishani was arranging the pillow he puts his mobile in silent came sat on the bed….she sat on the bed went close to Ranveer
He was thinking about the unusual behaviour of naina
Ishani was about to lay on the bed she saw Ranveer and touched his shoulders …Ranveer
Kya hua

He saw her haan ishani I loved this surprise. lovely how long we will be here by seeing her ranveer mood got changed. ..
He laid next to her…how long you want to be….
Ishani :hmmmmm 2 days

Ranveer :hmm okay …he smiled and touched her both covered them with blankets but it’s very cool Ranveer held her more close…
You are looking soo cute on skirt and top…get touched her sleeveless tops was kissing her cleavage slowly bring his hands to the b****bs..she felt shy hugged him well .
Ranveer came out of the hug and saw her kissed her lips she turned other side with shy Ranveer hugged her kept his cheeks next to her…ishani slowly turned touch his beard. …I love you Ranveer. …
Love you too ishani he said. ..
Ranveer was looking at her cutelyr remove her studs and also mangal sutra…
Kept aside on the table. .about to remove her tops she got shy and turned
Ranveer :husky tone…..come on ishani. …still feeling shy with’s allow me I was totally lost in you today
Ishani : with shy smile hugged him
They shared lovely moments between them….
Naina with frustrating went to ritika room asked help to ritika separate ishveer
Both joined hands and plot a plan naina was smiling vigorously. ..
She was about to text ranveer in wats app saw
his dp ranveer hugging ishani from behind she was cutely smiling and standing in the boat with skirt and tops.
She was about to keep it in anger unknowingly started dialled. .
Wats app call It was midnight 2 o clock…
Ranveer and ishani was cuddling with each other. .heard vibrate from his mobile he turned and saw it was naina he really got irritated was about to lift the call …ishani turned and keep her hand on ranveer she was sleeping by seeing her he left his mobile and hugged her kissed her cheeks.
He forget that naina

PRECAP: Ranveer laid his head on ishani lap…he was playing game ..ishani was reading book… baa return from haridwar

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